Chatham Chatlist Highlights
Written by Gene Galin   
Thursday, 18 September 2008

I've made a change and am now posting some of the best individual chatlist posts at the Chatham Chatlist Highlights .

Please note that the chatlist is a listserve and you can not post to it from this website.

Please read teh Chatham Chatlist Guidelines to learn how to subscribe to the Chatlist and become part of one of the largest virtual communities in Chatham County.


Gene Galin

Chatlist Moderator

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1. 06-03-2009 16:23
I'm new to the area from Wellington,FL and I'm looking for work in the equine community as soon as possible. I have extensive experience in just about any discipline as well as young/hard to handle horses. If anyone in the Pittsboro area is in need of a barnhand please contact me with a little more information on your available position. 
Elizabeth Buol
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