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Chatham Conservation Partnership Climate Change Meeting Snowed Out

January 26th, 2018 · No Comments

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2018 10:24:07 -0500
From: Taylor Kish
Subject: Will the climate actually change???

The Chatham Conservation Partnership (CCP) announced the need to postpone/reschedule the meeting until February 1, 2018 due to snowy weather conditions.  Imagine that.  We cannot predict where it will snow.  How much it will snow. When it will snow. . .but we think we can predict “climate change” 50 years from now.  We KNOW the climate WILL change.  Earth has seen mini ice ages, dust bowls, years of drought, and catastrophic events over billions of years.  Humans have traversed the earth’s surface for a blink of the earth’s time.  Blink.  Today sees a laughable number of humans with the condescending arrogance to assert their ability to predict the earth’s weather years from now despite God’s promises and faithfullness.

Yet January 17 and 18 ALL the “expert meteorologists” thought Chatham County might get a trace of snow with Wake County getting the bigger share (2-4 inches).  The snow would blow through quickly on Wednesday.  (Actually later.)

In 1970 “experts” predicted global cooling.  In 1994, “experts” predicted global warming.  Yet the actual temperature has not changed.  As though a decade or 100 years means ANYTHING.

I see this hoax called “climate change” serving two purposes.  No, let’s say three.

1.  Pathway to grant money as long as it tears down the United States and American culture/progress  (spend other people’s money; spend spend spend); 2.  Gives certain government employees something to do that leaves them
safe from any actual results and accountability (Let’s stand up here and talk about things that make us sound important!.  Like we’re going to SAVE the earth!);

3.  Transformation of America into ANOTHER failed socialist state that gives special groups rights and powers while stripping individuals and families of their God-given rights and sovereignty.

I have no problem with individuals and groups organizing to clean up environmental messes (man-made or otherwise).  But I do have a problem when public resources are used to perpetuate hoaxes and force citizens to act according to group think commands as decided and declared by these so-called visionaries.  I find it fascinating to understand how these “visionaries” can see anything when their heads are stuffed up so high into such a dark place.  Hm.  Maybe they are hallucinating from the lack of oxygen?

Wait.  That reminds me.  This is really funny.  Carbon Dioxide is supposed to be a climate killer, right?  lol  rofl  Yet, we’ve made our houses so airtight in the past 40 years that no CO2 could escape (or fresh air infiltrate.  Nobody opens their windows anymore?)  So why do we all not DIE of CO2 poisoning?  Why is CO2 not killing us in our own houses?  In the actual environment, CO2 is only a microscopic percentage of the air around us.  Microscopic.  There have been times of greater occurrence and lesser occurrence of CO2 without government intervention.  We breathe out a carbon footprint that ought to be crushing us but. . .we live!  Let’s all thank our government for saving us!  nuff for now.  Thanks.  That was fun.

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