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Why write a check you can’t cash?

December 4th, 2017 · No Comments

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 14:20:55 -0500
From: Mark Stinson
Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?Why_write_a_check_you_can=E2=80=99t_cash?=

Have you ever heard the term ( Don’t write a check you’re ass can’t cash ) .  Simply put you cant write checks or make promises for things you cant supply .   With that in mind may I ask a question .  Siler City has for some time had issues with water in  short supply so why is it logical to connect the CAM site to a water supply that can barely keep up with the towns needs ?

There are two articles on the front page of a recent Chatham News that make my point .   A grant was made to connect the CAM site to Siler City’s water supply . The adjacent article discusses the Rocky River and Turner reservoirs  have dropped to 55% capacity .  Now even though they say its nothing to worry about I still ponder on why hook up a CAM site to an aged water system that often dropped well below 60% capacity in recent years . A few years ago the town reservoir nearly dried up to the point you could walk across it without getting your feet wet if you tried .  My understanding is climatologist are projecting a drier climate in this area over the next century so where is the water going to come from ?    In my opinion  It makes no logical sense  .

The big elephant no one has mentioned is the new HUGE chicken plant in Siler City .  It will be a water hog that sucks up a massive amount of water in its operations .  The last facility had to get special permits to drill wells on its property from the city just to stay functional during the last drought . The town made them fill these wells with concrete after the drought was over  ( That was intelligent ) .  Are you beginning to see why I feel  there is some really screwy stuff going on promoting  the CAM site ?  I will bet good money this was one of the unanswered issues that pushed big automakers away from the CAM .   I’m sure the town supplying water in this plan  all looks plausible on paper but in reality I would wager it an impossibility  unless someone can magically make it rain on command .  Just my opinion ,, Its more BS to sell ice to Eskimos .

Goodnite Mark

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