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Pittsboro P.T.A. Thrift Shop’s Greed and Peculiar ‘rules’

November 29th, 2017 · 1 Comment

Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 16:35:32 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: Pittsboro P.T.A.’s Greed and Peculiar ‘rules’-

It is a pretty well known fact that all Chatham P.T.A. Thrift shops are not created equal. Not by a long shot. The Siler City P.T.A. is by far the friendliest and cheapest. Cole Park is neither here nor there. But the Pittsboro P.T.A. and the powers that be is something to behold. Ruled by an iron first in a velvet glove, their pricing is something at which to wince.

Inveribly if they plan a fifty percent off sale, you can bet the items priced two or three days before that are double or triple in price. They see nothing wrong with that, I do. So do others.

Items at Pittsboro store are always higher than Siler City. Clothing one to three dollars cheaper at Siler City. Siler city store frequently has housewares at fifty percent off- and there are bargains galore. Twenty five cent items abound in that store. Not so in Pittsboro.

Last week, i noticed a customer talking to the check-out person. It seems a three dollar item had apparently been broken, but the customer wanted to buy it at a little less. I didn’t see what happened, but later I inquired of the clerk and was told management would not sell it for less, and it would be thrown in the trash

I found that hard to believe. I asked to speak to the person that made that decided on that plan of action. They came from the back, knowing full well what was going on. I said i was interested in buying the item, but at a reduced price of $2.00. I was told that the P.T.A. does not negoitate prices- if i didn’t want to pay the three dollars for the broken item, it would be thrown in the trash can.

Seems to me that two dollars is better and more helpful the the school cause than no dollar. Plus, they pay someone to tote away the trash.

Sillllllllllllllllly! So Sillllllllllllly!


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  • 1 A volunteer // Dec 5, 2017 at 1:31 pm


    I also had an interesting experience involving a broken item. I volunteered to empty a drop box and saw an old ratty, broken, desk that was out for the trash behind the building. I asked if I could have it and was told that it had to be in the trash bin before I could take it, otherwise they’d have to sell it. Interesting, right? I asked her if she could throw it away so I could have it. She did! Then I leaned over the bin, took it out, and thanked her for the desk.

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