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No faith in Chatham County’s government anymore

April 19th, 2017 · No Comments

Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 10:36:29 -0400
From: Mark Stinson
Subject: Democracy for $ale

The Chatham County Democratic Party invites you to a screening of Democracy for Sale:

I find this appropriate since Democrats have purchased votes from the poor with food stamps and welfare for the last half century  . They don’t see the poor and oppressed they see votes .  I see the benefits of money in politics to pay lawyers exorbitant fees to fight for illegal’s to vote and push for no voter ID so people can vote several times in several different precincts .   I see democrats pick up every  immoral and illegal cause to gain votes over someone’s supposed rights even though they really don’t care about the voters .  Democrats have been spending a fortune for years to buy this country out right .

Its crystal clear when you look at how lopsided things are going in Chatham now . I have no faith in Chathams government anymore as it doesn’t represent me and a good chunk of the folks in this county .   When I was under the influence of the democratic party I never was physically threatened or had my home vandalized . When I became an independent voter and pushed for a conservative governance with more control by the people of this county that changed .   2016 taught me a lesson .

Goodnite Mark

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