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Attacking Taylor Kish’s behavior, spewing mockery and name calling embarrasses yourself

February 21st, 2017 · No Comments

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 08:22:36 -0500
From: cryptik
Subject: Re: Talking back to “Taylor Kish”

Brad Page said: “Ms/Mr. Kish’s tone certainly ememplifies hate group jingoism, seeking to stir emotions rather than reasonable discourse.”

And yet…here you are, stirred by Kish’s post into what you’d certainly call “reasonable discourse.” It’s also a nice job implying that Taylor Kish engages in ad hominem attacks and that’s so clearly Not Cool(TM), yet you’re attacking Kish’s behavior and spewing mockery and calling names (“climate denier” and “jingo” as two examples) in multiple parts of your post. Your elevation of the level of discourse is currently set to “Dead Sea.”

Good ideas can face scrutiny and criticism and come out on top. Bad ideas have to avoid direct discussion. Which are you doing? Which is Kish doing?

I don’t agree with a lot of the slop and banter thrown about thoughtlessly on the Chatlist, but I’m more than happy to point out what a blatant hypocrite you’re being by doing precisely what you condemn within the post used to carry the condemnation.

Of course, this is the classic holier-than-thou stereotype in action: it’s okay to be a hypocrite and “bless the hearts” of everyone that is clearly wrong and misguided because they’re not exactly like you, because you can totally get Jesus to say “it’s cool bro” by half-heartedly apologizing every Sunday and talking to the rest of your clan about what great people you are.

Stop trying to pretend you’re better than everyone else. You’re not. Taylor Kish isn’t either. Being jerks to one another is wasting the time of everyone that reads this mailing list, spinning wheels in the mud and going nowhere fast.

Do you want to publicly virtue signal and gain morality points by hypocritically talking trash about someone you disagree with and making all situations out to be a zero-sum game? That’s how it looks when you and others with a similar presentation do this stuff. If you have a rational point, make your point and leave it at that. Publicly embarrassing yourself like this isn’t helping the causes you believe in.

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