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Stand and Deliver, Ricky Spoon!

August 9th, 2016 · No Comments

Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2016 10:59:48 -0400
From: bearandma
Subject: Stand and Deliver, Ricky Spoon!

I live in an early Ricky Spoon neighborhood.  The roads were severely pot-holed and had been for years. Promise after promise, Ricky Spoon said he would repair them.  To be fair,some very temporary patches were put in, but they pretty much failed after the next winter.

About six weeks ago a crew appeared and cut through the pavement in at least 10 different places, bringing the read surface down by a number of inches, and making the road pretty much impassible without slowing your car down and hoping you’d actually make it up out of the holes. Oh, and there was some gravel put into the holes.  Since then, nothing.

So, here we sit, with the roads ruined even worse than they had been before the “fix” was made.  Is this pay-back for the years of complaining and threatening legal action?

So, beware those of you who may be thinking of investing in a Ricky Spoon home in one of his developments.  There’s a good chance that something similar will happen in your neighborhood.  He will tell  you he doesn’t have the funds available at the moment to finish the work.  That is a chronic answer from Ricky  we’ve heard it time and again over a 15-year history.

Ricky, get a loan.  Ask your family for a loan, do whatever you need to do to take care of your legal responsibility to this community.  And to the rest of you:  be very careful where you purchase your next home.  I wouldn’t put my investment in one of these developments if I were you.

Lyn Sims

Tags: Business · Construction · Development

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