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Zoning, computers and a new understanding about zoning

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2016 02:33:22 -0400
From: “
Subject: Zoning, computers and a new understanding

I have a new computer that taught me a lesson about zoning or rather what we as a county are about to go through if zoning is approved.   I wasn’t ready for a crash course in windows 10. I just got comfortable with windows 7 after my old XP computer was hit by lightning last year. I had to buy a new computer and I really wasn’t ready to deal with windows 10.  I hate abrupt changes and that’s what really set me off with my new computer and all its new rules and features that annoyed and confused me to no end. If you read my last post you know I was dead serious when I stated I was ready to chunk this computer in the trash or at the least set it afire. I spent hours and hours trying to understand it and all the differences that made even a simple email almost impossible. I just didn’t know how to function with it or how I could ever live with something this different.  I kept having all sorts of problems loading pages online and even the recommended updates
didn’t want to load.

I found the problem that was causing me so much grief. It was McAfee safe live that was installed on the computer from the factory. It was stopping me every time I tried to do anything.  It was the core of the problem and even though I tried to turn it off to update the computer it came back on.  There was only one solution and that was to get rid of it. I uninstalled McAffee and amazingly the computer started to act like it was supposed to and function well.

The process caused a light bulb to go off in my head that the problem isn’t zoning so much as the sudden jump from no zoning to full county wide zoning without a decent amount of time to adjust to it for anyone living in the affected areas . It’s a major adjustment and there are multitudes of rules and regulations that will turn everyone’s lives upside down .    A well thought out plan to extend zoning gradually over time as population increased it would give folks time to adjust and things to change normally as they should instead of a major shock to the lifestyles of chathamites in the unzoned areas of the county.  Its just too much to ask of us to make that big of an adjustment this quickly and like my computer I realized what the real problem is and that’s the three commissioners that are shoving this down our throats. Again like my computer there is a solution to make things work right  and that will be simply removing them from office . Problem solved .

I feel after reading nearly 600 emails that people  are upset because its too much too fast .  If we have a real long term growth plan it would address zoning as a needed only option as we grow . It would make more sense to gradually expand zoning around areas of growth instead of throwing all into the abyss at once..

There are parts of this county with negative or no growth that simply need to be left alone .   Just like I am learning how to deal with windows 10 and make it work for me we need to learn how to deal with these commissioners and make them work for us .

We know  one commissioner  Karen Howard has no interest in listening to reason so she and the other commissioners  need to be warned that a good number of folks are pulling up the manure wagons  and handing out shovels . I can promise you one thing that when the shovels are handed out I will not be the only one slinging the crap into the fan . This is going to get real ugly really fast .  It doesn’t need to be this way if they would simply listen to the people of this county and work with us . It their choice .  Goodnite Mark

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