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Help fight county wide zoning in Chatham County, NC

June 19th, 2016 · No Comments

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 13:18:16 -0400
From: stinmar1
Subject: help fight zoning

I apologize to the many who have responded who haven heard from me yet as I have been overwhelmed with emails of support and frustration with the current board of commissioners . I am encouraging anyone who is against zoning to go to the next few meetings and be heard . I may have some good news shortly that may help us slow the process down .

Zoning itself can be a good thing if expanded from city limits at a slow pace over time as population grows but not a full county wide zoning all at once. The problem we all seam to have with the current process is we feel its an agenda based rush job where so many aren’t sure whats going to happen next . Information from the county is spotty and often changes on its website .  No one has received any kind of explanation in the mail as to what changes will be in place once the county is zoned . No one has been asked if we want zoning we were just sent a letter asking for what non residential uses we current use our property for . If they can spend money on a letter demanding information they can spend money on a survey of all land owners to see who wants zoning and who doesn’t .

If Chatham County is to continue to grow responsibly in time it may be necessary to expand zoning out from the towns and high population areas but that time is not now .   I will not stop emphasizing the fact everyone needs to get out and vote in the next election . Several of our current commissioners were elected  not by a large number of votes but a small majority of votes in a low turn out election . So we the people need to  step up and take some responsibility for this mess and fix it the next election .  Please if your against zoning and want a more responsible paced growth plan please contact me . I am building a substantial list to send out reply’s too . Goodnite Mark

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