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Pittsboro Youth Theater puts on an exceptional family play this weekend – Alice in Wonderland

May 18th, 2016 · No Comments

Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 11:09:05 -0700
From: <craig
Subject: Exceptional Family Play This Weekend – Alice in Wonderland

The cast, crew, all us volunteers and sponsors for this weekends live stage performance of Alice in Wonderland have been working our tails off to make this play truly exceptional. If you’ve never been to a Pittsboro Youth Theater performance, you are in for a BIG surprise.

Many of the performers in this weekends play have 2 or more years of training with PYT. They are really becoming skilled performers, and PYT goes all out to put on a show that you just wouldn’t believe is in Pittsboro.

Audience members who saw last weekends PYT Junior cast’s play said:
– “Truly a wonderful experience”
– “Great job today!”

  • “We …appreciated the professional style set, props, costumes and lighting which made the entire experience even more exciting..

  • “Pittsboro Youth Theater is such a phenomenal addition to the community!”

Both of last weekends PYT shows sold out; don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets, and DON”T MISS THIS SHOW!

There will be 3 performances of Alice in Wonderland at the Kiwanis Clubhouse this weekend:  2pm Sat., May 21, 6pm Sat., May 21, and after church matinee at 3pm Sun., May 22..

Visit for tickets and more information.

Great big shout outs to PYT’s sponsors who are helping PYT make its magic:  Manifold Recording, Luck Stone, Mike Dasher, Sanford Rental, and Bob and “Bella” Donna Bianco.

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