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Keeping More McDonalds and Liberals Chathamcentric

March 6th, 2016 · No Comments

Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 14:41:11 -0500
From: Tarus BALOG
Subject: Re: More McDonalds and Liberals

As I am struggling to keep this discussion Chatham-centric, this will be my last post on the matter, but as there is a large Hispanic population in the county I think it is worth one more comment.

On 03/03/2016 08:07 AM, Goodnite Mark wrote:

>  And in responce to Tarus B, When you come to the United States and
> legally become a citizen you take an oath to assimilate into our culture
> and learn our national language.

Uh, where did you learn that, or do you just like making things up?

First of all, you only take an oath to become a citizen. It is a long process that takes years, and before that you are here on a Visa or as a permanent resident (green card). No “oath” required, although there is lots of paperwork.

I’ve seen a number of my friends become citizens, and the ceremony is solemn and wonderful. The oath itself (please Google it) only states that you renounce your previous country and promise to uphold the Constitution.

And before you go making stuff up about that hallowed document, no where in it does it state anything about assimilating into our culture. And what culture would that be, exactly? I’ve been in 45 states and I can attest that the delightful differences between us citizens can be as extreme as traveling to another country. There is no “one” US culture.

Just like there is no “national language”. Yuppers, the good old US of A does not have a national language. North Carolina does (English) but the country does not, so it would be hard to “take an oath” to learn it.

> I was not born in Spain, Mexico or any other Spanish speaking county.  > I was born in the USA where our official language is English.

There you go, making stuff up again. There is no official language in the USA, just like Spanish is not the official language of Mexico (learning can be fun, you should try it).

My suggestion that you actually take a second to learn a few words in Spanish was for your own good. Now, all I know about you is from your posts on this list, and you seem full of hate, frustration and bile.

More than 12% of the population of Chatham County identify themselves as Latin or Hispanic, with up to 50% in towns such as Siler City. If you are going to interact with your neighbors, it might lower your blood pressure a bit if you could communicate better. Just sayin’.

> It’s not just Hispanics and other immigrants I have seen mutilating
> the language it’s been young white and
> black full blooded home grown local American kids.

Heh, look, language is a virus from outer space. It is constantly mutating, and this can be a good thing. Kids have a right to experiment with language and identity just as much as you have a right to misspell “Goodnite”.

> Chatham County Schools employ some of the best English teachers there
> are and there is no excuse for someone entering the workforce from one
> of our schools who can’t speak clear understandable proper English.

My jaw dropped when I read that. Really, if you are struggling to make ends meet, becoming proficient in a language is probably down on the list. You have definitely demonstrated an ignorance about the United States and its Constitution, so perhaps you should get yourself to one of them fancy schools and audit a social studies course. Anyone wishing to become a citizen has to go through a much more rigorous series of training.

>     Secondly, you don’t know the difference between a liberal,
> conservative or progressive socialist, and I take being called a liberal
> an insult.  Goodnite Markk

Did you ever think me calling you a liberal was on purpose? (wink)

Let’s look at the facts. You were upset about service your received from a free market company (McDonalds) and you refused to pay more to have it corrected (Higher Wages or shop somewhere else).

Demanding stuff you don’t want to pay for seems to fit your usual definition of “liberal”.

Then I offered you a solution (learn some Spanish) but instead you want other people (Employers and Employees) to take responsibility for your problem. Sounds like a “liberal” to me.

But I withdraw it. On further reflection, the correct term is “hypocrite”.


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