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More pollution comes from flatulating cows in Chatham in 15 minutes than out the exhaust of a little car in an hour

March 4th, 2016 · No Comments

Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 22:06:46 -0500
From: stinmar1
Subject: McDonalds part 2 the response

I decided to respond to two posts in particular. The first post being about sitting in line waiting while polluting the atmosphere and making the (Lazy) boys go in to the counter to order. Firstly the boys had a busy weekend stacking firewood, cleaning up trash and limbs from the storms and basically working their butts off 7am till dark. They wanted a treat and considering they burned more calories in one afternoon than the person who responded to my previous post does in a month I don’t think them being lazy is an issue. Our car is equipped with eco friendly multi fuel computer controlled 4 cylinder engine for a nice 30 mpg locally. There is more pollution coming from flatulating cows in Chatham in fifteen minutes than out the exhaust of that little car in an hour.

And in response to Tarus B, When you come to the United States and legally become a citizen you take an oath to assimilate into our culture and learn our national language. I was not born in Spain, Mexico or any other Spanish speaking county. I was born in the USA where our official language is English. It’s not just Hispanics and other immigrants I have seen mutilating the language it’s been young white and black full blooded home grown local American kids.

There is no excuse, none for this.

Chatham County Schools employ some of the best English teachers there are and there is no excuse for someone entering the workforce from one of our schools who can’t speak clear understandable proper English. We have community colleges that teach English as well for anyone who has migrated into this country and wants to learn. The key is you have to want to learn and better yourself to start with and those who want to learn are not lazy and endeavor to speak well. If you’re too lazy to learn the language, speak clearly and understandably you don’t deserve $5 much less $15 an hour in my opinion.

I raised three children by myself, two of which earned full ride scholarships because they worked their butts off in school . I kept them in clothing, feed them and got them back and forth to school on about $8500 a year for the last 15 years. I am in bad health but I survived with very few choices too . Any single person can budget their money and make it on minimum wage but no one should be content to be stuck at the bottom. People shouldn’t be forced to survive on low end jobs this is why higher paying skilled jobs are needed for couples and growing families in Chatham County. A minimum wage increase won’t fix that

Secondly, you don’t know the difference between a liberal, conservative or progressive socialist, and I take being called a liberal an insult. Goodnite Mark

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