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$15 an hour for McDonald’s. Really?

March 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 23:36:38 -0500
From: “
Subject: $15 an hour for Mc Donalds,, really ?

I keep reading how some are pushing for a living wage of at least $15 and hour so let me share with you our Sunday evening adventure that started with the boys wanting a McFlurry from Mc Donalds .

We were on the way home from Asheboro and decided to stop at the McDonalds at Randolph mall . We got in line and waited a good fifteen minutes to get to the speaker to order and were greeted by some one not speaking clear English or any other language I could tell .

The speaker went quiet , Beth started to order and nothing but silence followed. We waited at least another 5 minutes and noticed cars pulling out of line in front and behind us and we followed suit seeing that no one was working in the first order
window . We proceeded to Ramsuer and pulled in and waited at least fifteen more minutes to place an order . Some young man who sounded like he was formerly employed by thugs r us informed Beth after she placed the order that their ice cream machine was
down . She said thank you and we headed on down 64 to Siler City . When we got to Siler City we stopped at Mc Donald’s in search of that ever illusive Mc Flurry to wait fifteen minutes again just to get to the window after ordering to a clueless employee that didn’t know what we ordered or what to charge us .

After a few minutes of clarifying what was ordered we paid and proceeded to the window where a young lady with barely any skills in speaking English was waiting with you guessed it , the wrong order . At this point we were ready to abandon the order all
together but managed to get the correct order after about a thirty minute wait . My opinion is if you cant speak fluent English the language of this nation and get an order right you don’t deserve $5 and hour much less $15 ! For a good while I haven’t eaten any food from Mc Donalds I just stopped by for
drinks , shakes and ice cream related desserts . I’m done with them now . If they cant have people who can speak clear understandable English , get orders processed in a timely manor and keep customers moving along with the correct orders I for one wont ever set foot on the place again . This is a clear reason to leave the minimum wage alone and demand BETTER USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE from employees! One of the things I was taught growing up in school was to speak up ,speak clearly and never talk like you have a mouth full of rocks . Is that too much to ask of anyone ?

Goodnite Mark

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