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NC WARN is connected to IMmoral Mondays to destroy our way of life

March 26th, 2015 · No Comments

Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 09:14:13 -0400
From: Taylor Kish
Subject: NC WARN is connected to IMmoral Mondays to destroy our way of life

NC WARN posted an invitation (Chatlist 5216) to a COMMUNITY ORGANIZING event being held at our local community college.

We all want to support noble causes like saving on our monthly utility bills or conserving energy when it makes sense. Even if you don’t want to consider an alternative view of LEED ( ), follow the money.

I think it gives certain “consultants” an edge being “certified” LEED Green Associate (GA). Do you think it is a coincidence most LEED certified buildings are federal, state, or local government? Is it any wonder most LEED certified buildings were constructed by government cronies? LEED certification is a way to give construction business to your favorite croney behind the disguise of “energy efficiency” and (that ever faithful) “sustainability”. Businesses held accountable by stockholders cannot afford the 10% additional costs without a proven track record of desired results. Nobody has produced long term proof of such desired results. Wishing and hoping is not good enough.

My problem with NC WARN and hundreds of other NC community organizers in Chatham County and elsewhere (e.g. Environment NC, Grassroots Energy Alliance, Greenpeace NC, NC Environmental Justice Network, NC Green Party, NC Public Interest Research Group, etc.) is the millions of dollars they collect in “free money” government grants and other funding sources (e.g. Chatham County Board of Commissioners, George Soros, and J. Smith Reynolds Foundation). In some cases, they get money from energy companies like Duke Power to “research” new and “sustainable” forms of energy.

In the case of Duke Power, we might call it legal extortion. But we pay for it in our electric bills. The joke is on us.

These are “community organizers” who have learned how to suckle at the teat of government with a focus on specific special interests. Almost 200 “community organizations” joined IMmoral Mondays to rant and rave the political upset in North Carolina in 2010. The entire focus is what must we do to get grant money from these funding sources? If your organization is dedicated to the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution, dismantling our American culture, or destroying society, you will get “free money”. Get a following of “members”, get a few local donations, show pictures of some protest, and “free money” rolls in year after year.

The “free” government “grants” are taxpayer dollars. The money from billionaires is truly fascinating to unravel. How many billions are funneled from middle eastern sources dedicated to the overthrow of western civilization?

Before you attend a NC WARN event, do a Wikipedia or Google search using the phrase Useful Idiot

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