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Why work? If you are on government “assistance” for too long it is very easy to become lazy

February 4th, 2015 · No Comments

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 07:53:58 -0500
From: Taylor Kish
Subject: Chatham poverty claims

Individuals and families qualify for government handouts when one becomes unemployed. A LOT of people in Chatham County have become unemployed since 2008. Some people ran out of Unemployment Compensation (government handout) A LONG TIME AGO. They still eat. They still watch TV. They still find a way to the store.

Government handouts equal about $19,000 per year in North Carolina without lifting a finger other than sitting in a government employee’s cubicle while the government employee completes the forms for you. Too many individuals cannot comprehend what is written on a form but they can understand when the government employee reads the forms questions and explains the meaning. Other states give an equivalent of up to $30,000 per year in government handouts.

Why work? If you are on government “assistance” for too long it is very easy to become lazy. It becomes more and more difficult to move to the world of work. Formerly hard-working individuals ask themselves, “Why get a part-time job? I get less government ‘assistance’ and I still only have $19,000 per year. Why take a job for $20,000-25,000 when I don’t have to lift a finger for $19,000?”

The unspoken, inconvenient truth is that many people on government “assistance” also work “off the books” for cash, sell their prescription drugs, trade food stamps for money, collect food from every food pantry within 50 miles, and learn every way to beat “the system”. Some people figure how to get a second Social Security number and they get “assistance” using a relative’s address.

EVERYONE wants to help those who CANNOT help themselves. EVERYONE wants to give a hand UP. Too many give up and become takers instead of makers.

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