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Chathamcentric view on illegal aliens

December 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 11:09:08 -0400
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Subject: Chathamcentric view on non legal residents

I wanted to keep this as close to home as possible with references to things I and friends I know well have witnessed over the years . Whether you call them illegals , aliens , undocumented workers they are all in this country illegally . When I get caught speeding I get a ticket because I broke the law . When someone breaks in someone’s home they get arrested .. When someone assaults or kills someone they are arrested . When someone causes a bad wreck and are criminally guilty of DUI they are arrested . In every case I just mentioned when they go to court they suffer the punishment and consequences of their actions . Our country is one of laws and rules with punishments and penalties for anyone breaking them . When you go to work to collect your paycheck you have state and federal taxes taken out of your MONEY you earned because you are an American Citizen and that money goes for a multitude of things from your social security retirement to disability if you ever become disabled and for your police and military protection against harm . The legal system works because everyone is treated the same and that insures order and stability in this country .

In my life time I have personally witnessed several events in Chatham County so let me share a few with you . My first recollection of a non legal resident was when one drunken Hispanic hit a friends mom head on and crawled out of his car to leave her to die beside the road . They caught him but he managed to get out on bail and he ran , all the way back to Mexico . It was later discovered he had caused several wrecks and killed more than once over several states . He is now living free somewhere in Mexico not paying for any of his crimes .

I bought a small pickup with some minor front end damage a few years ago . I bought a new bumper , grill and fender of the exact right color to make the truck look like new . I finished putting it all together late afternoon and took it into town to fill it up with gas . I was sitting at the gas station near Welford Harris Ford when a car sitting at the pump reversed and slammed into my truck smashing the entire front end and all the work I just completed . The doors opened and Mexicans jumped out left and right and ran . The driver was 14 years old , couldn’t speak English , no license , no insurance , no papers . They impounded the car and when the court date came ,, you guessed it , He ran back to Mexico .

On new 421 there was a DMV weigh man who stopped a large truck for a routine weight check . Another tractor trailer truck was traveling up the road from the rear towards the stopped DMV inspectors car and the truck he stopped when a small car did a U turn across the median onto the highway directly in the path of the oncoming truck . The truck driver tried to miss the car but literally ran over the top of it , slammed into the DMV inspectors car , shoved it into the stopped truck knocking out the DMV inspector , both truck drivers were injured and when the driver of the truck managed to crawl out he found the small car literally under his truck . He hollered out to see if anyone was still alive and he heard some kind of gibberish then a small Mexican crawled out with his lunch box with some cuts and bruises and the smell of alcohol . The truck driver was amazed the man survived and asked him if he was ok . The Mexican turned and said in muffled English F%#KA YOU !! and shot the international peace sign and walked , staggered then ran away . He was caught but since they couldn’t properly identify the man he managed to get out of jail and you guessed it , ran back to Mexico ..

During the time of the Mexican invasion of Siler City when chicken plants employed 90% Hispanics I was in town on a Friday with Caesar . He went to pick up his brother who was at the Hispanic store down from S&W speed shop . I went in with him and there was at least 75 people standing in line with hands full of cash waiting to send money back to Mexico . During that time I learned that on a normal Friday they were sending on average $60,000 out of the country ,, out of Siler City’s economy . That is just one of several places they go to send money so imagine how much got sucked out of Chatham’s economy . That money never went to build our schools , support our merchants , grow our economy . Just to clarify , Caesar is Mexican but came here with his family legally , they got papers , then they all earned citizenship and became part of our community . He and his family never liked the undocumented workers and saw them as lazy and sorry as they wouldn’t participate legally in the country that made their lives better . People this is the difference and if legal immigrants don’t like illegal immigrants why should we treat these illegals better than our own citizens exempting them from legal due justice ? Yes they are human beings so are the criminals in our jails . Criminals get free meals and health care so do the illegals who come here . They say they are good people well there are good people who made mistakes in jail too . Why do we give these illegals a stay out of jail free card ? Why do they get special treatment over American citizens who are human beings too ? Why would we give them special treatment of amnesty when its obvious they didn’t come here with intentions of obeying our laws . They broke the law when they came into this country without legal due process and that alone is disrespecting the country that is now feeding them . They send tons of cash back to Mexico and many of them will go back at some point in time to avoid prosecution from crimes they commit here . Where do we go to get a get out of jail free card ? We are American citizens and we don’t get that special treatment . With all of this in mind ,, who cares if they are called illegal aliens , illegals , what ever they are criminals and should be held as accountable to our laws and language as the rest of us . Many wave the flag of amnesty and human rights but what about the rights of the citizens who live here that are being trampled ? Umm ? If you immigrate here legally you are very welcomed and I will be the first to help you in any way . If you come here illegally I personally feel you should be deported and not allowed back in this country period .. I’m tired of seeing what my relatives fought and died to protect being given away by bleeding heart liberals who think they can spread the wealth and save the world . Another serious concern with the rise of the terrorist group ISIS is that the same route that these illegal aliens take into this country is being used by ISIS to sneak in its operatives to kill us . This is enough reason to lock down the border and stop the invasion . Its time to send them home and restore the legal process of immigration so the people who come here do so legally are identified and documented and allowed to be real Americans . This process protects us from all those who do not deserve to be in this country . Its my opinion as an independent thinker and most importantly and American citizen and I’m sticking to it . Goodnite Mark

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