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Keep the Frivolous Liberal Spenders on the Bench

October 6th, 2014 · No Comments

Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014 08:06:29 -0400
From: Muddylaces
Subject: Keep the Frivolous Spenders on the Bench

“…Bock, Stewart, and Petty inherited a healthy county budget, thanks to the expert management of our county staff and the leadership of the previous BOC… But this did not stop the newly elected BOC Republican majority from making a show of budget cuts …” Poster-8/26/2014

They made the discretionary budget cuts…true; it is what they were elected on. So if the democrats left a healthy budget there must be a surplus that is going to be returned to the taxpayers after the conservative adjusted the county’s focus. Actually no, Bock, Stewart and Petty chose to prioritize money in traditional core government functions. While the democrats would like an Obesity Director, the conservatives put money into schools, teacher raises, and conservatives installed an incentive program tied to performance.

While the democrats wanted to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on LEED certification, which adds no value to a building, the republicans were busy approving an agriculture civic center.

Is cutting the PBO/Chapel Hill bus funding really a voting issue? If you live out in Siler City, Snow Camp, Bennett, or Silk Hope do you want to start paying again for a bus that is already running​ without your money​?

Honestly these democrat candidates have no real issues to run on. They would love a crisis in the county to capitalize on. Never let a crisis go to waste.

In 2010 they called Bock-Stewart-Petty extremist, put up a bill board that said exactly that, and are really disappointed that county taxpayers are finding out the claim was untrue.

If the democrats were a football team, their coach is trying to play players out of position. They are backup kickers and punters that want to talk to Chatham residents about fracking and global warming, while they running for the position of quarterback and should be talking about jobs at the mega-site. Does anyone think this “Green” slate of kickers and punters would ever allow thousands of SUVs or pickup trucks to be built in Chatham? Sure they’ll be all for it if they can narrowly mandate SMART cars to be manufactured. They’ll say they are holding out for the right (see perfect) car manufacturer to set up shop. We’ve seen that game played out before with the democrats. Look at the dilapidated building on West Salisbury St. in PBO that could have been renovated by now to house a school. This is what liberals in power do. They don’t say no, they ​say ​yes with so many restrictions they are essentially saying no without having to say no. Keep them on the bench.



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