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The problem Mr. Crawford and Ms. Marley-McKenzie, is how the school system spends the money they get

September 28th, 2014 · No Comments

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 09:42:40 -0400
From: Taylor Kish
Subject: What would love do?

Love is sometimes tough for goodness sake. Mom and Dad may be polarized on the extent of tough love. “Oh, go easy on little Johnny. He’s just a baby!” “He’s 12 years old!”

I promise you. I respond on this Chatlist out of love. Not hate. Not nastiness. Because people say things that demand response. This is not an attack on anybody.

For example,

When Mr. Crawford cites increased enrollment as a cause for concern but look how he twists that situation to make it look like Republicans did something evil. Rita Marley-McKenzie laments nobody gave her child her own textbook along with other disappointments and asks how that demonstrates improved school funding.

When did increased enrollment demand increased teacher pay? In that case, the babyboom must have made every teacher a millionaire?

Mr. Crawford, how many illegal aliens have been added to Chatham County enrollments and what would YOU do to FIX the problems associated with that?

In days past, if children needed textbooks, parents got together and bought them. Parents shared the cost of one teacher for the entire school. Ok, those days are past but what about the mentality? If it needs doing WE do it. Not whine about what someone else is NOT doing. Rita is working and she has access to the internet at her work. Some people use “free” computers at our public library. (Why are we using textbooks anyway? Why not give each student a tablet? SOME SCHOOL SYSTEMS DO.)

THERE IS NO LACK OF FUNDING for public education. There are other school systems where even more is spent per pupil and the results are worse. Funding is not the primary reason for a school’s success or failure or any individual student’s success or failure. It is the individual student’s personal motivation to be educated (personal responsibility) and IT IS YOU, the parent.

The problem Mr. Crawford and Ms. Marley-McKenzie, is how the school system spends the money they get. Government spends more than $8,000 on EACH Chatham County K-12 student. Classrooms have 30 students. The government spends over $240,000 in each classroom. WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? Certainly NOT to the teacher like in days past. The buildings are paid for. The school does not pay property tax. Let’s say the teacher gets $50,000 per year including benefits. That leaves $190,000 PER CLASSROOM to spend on books, art supplies, band instruments, OR TABLETS. But INSTEAD the money is being spent ELSEWHERE. NOT in the classroom, or the music room or the art room.

Mr. Crawford is a proud Democrat. Democrats are disbursing tens of thousands of illegal alien children into schools throughout the nation. If the number is less than 50 in any particular county, the federal government does not report it. Extra resources are needed for children who only speak a foreign language and challenged to endure cultural adjustments taking resources away from our legal children, Mr. Crawford. Democrats OWN THIS ISSUE.

The federal government does not pay the entire expenses illegal alien children require. County taxpayers pay those increased costs. So, Mr. Crawford, do not blame the incumbent Republican county commissioners for decreased spending per student. It is increased enrollments.

Democrats scream outrageous lies and twists of half truths to blame evil Republicans for every problem. But when the Democrats are in power the money just disappears and they keep on blaming Republicans.

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