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Four years, 750+ videos and 1 million views later

May 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 13:15:45 -0400
From: Gene Galin
Subject: 4 years, 750+ videos and 1 million views later

How time flies!

It started 4 years ago, when I shot a video and made my first post to

My very first youtube video (posted on March 27, 2007)
Northwood’s Beauty and the Beast “Be Our Guest” 1,476 views

Now there are over 750 video clips, which have accumulated over 1 million views.

Most viewed video clip –
Comedian Jeff Foxworthy talks about the single life on “Jeff’s Comedy Show” during the Duke Children’s Classic fundraiser.

Top 10 most viewed “Chathamcentric” video clips

1)    Mighty Gospel Inspirations perform “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” at the Bynum General Store Front Porch Music Series. 27,794 views

2. Pittsboro Northwood High presents their spring musical Grease – “Summer Nights”. 11,443 views

3. Lawn Mower Pull at the Silk Hope Old Fashioned Farmers Days 10,021 views

4. Pittsboro Northwood High School Spring Musical Grease – “Greased Lightning”. 8,048 views

5. Northwood High School The Ultimate Patriotic Sing-Along 7,148 views

6. Pittsboro Northwood High School Spring Musical Grease – “Those Magic Changes”. 5,471 view

7. Perry Harrison vs Chatham Middle School Soccer Game 4,980 views

8. Belle & Gaston perform “Me” in the Northwood High School production of Beauty and the Beast 4,845 views

9. “Sing Noel with African Noel” by the Mt. Pleasant UMC choir 4,001 views

10. Northwood’s Beauty & the Beast “Belle” 3,850 views

I’ll continue to scope out events in Chatham County and grab video clips when I can. If you see me coming – Smile!

You can find all of the video clips at

Gene Galin
Chatlist moderator

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