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For many it is NOT inconvenient to live in Chatham County

March 29th, 2011 · No Comments

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 19:56:11 -0400
From: Whatzup
Subject: For many it is NOT inconvenient to live in Chatham County

Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 14:25:16 -0400
From: “Jeffrey Starkweather
Subject: North Chatham parent pleads for full school funding

Karen Howard, the Democrat vice chair of the North Williams precinct wrote that “There were some compromises we all made in choosing to live in Chatham County.  Some of us are far away from family; we may miss shopping malls and neighborhood movie theatres; some of us have to drive miles to a food store or the airport and we have to put up with the occasional tornado warning….but education was NOT one of the compromises I made by living here.  Please don’t make me feel as though it was.”

My response –

I am sorry to hear that some people consider it a compromise to live in Chatham County. Many of us choose to live in Chatham County because we do enjoy living a slower and more rural lifestyle.

Let me just say that if you do find it too inconvenient to be so far away from your family, if you find it too inconvenient to be live so far from shopping malls and movie theaters and if you find it too inconvenient to live miles from a food store or an airport, than maybe Chatham County is simply not the place for you.

And Karen, now really; is it REALLY that big of a hardship living in the North Williams section of Chatham County? You are less than half an hour from Southpoint Shopping Mall, 20 minutes from the Lumina movie theater in Southern Village, minutes from Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and about 45 minutes from RDU airport. Plus you are only minutes from the newest, $25 million middle school in Chatham County. Talk about being short changed? Talk about the compromises? Life in Chatham just sucks, doesn’t it?

But please, please don’t compromise for our sakes. If you are really that unhappy and you are overwhelmed by the compromises you feel you are making to stay in this county, it might be best if you moved to a more convenient place that requires NO COMPROMISES.

BTW, many of us LOVE living in Chatham County! We cherish a life that we get to experience here. A life uncluttered by so called “compromises”.

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