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Coyote Fencing

June 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 09:33:44 -0400
From: Al Cooke
Subject: Coyote Fencing control experts out west suggest that “Most coyotes readily cross over, under, or through conventional livestock fences. A coyote’s response to a fence is influenced by various factors, including the coyote’s experience and motivation for crossing the fence. Total exclusion of all coyotes by fencing, especially from large areas, is highly unlikely since some eventually learn to either dig deeper or climb higher to defeat a fence. Good fences, however, can be important in reducing predation, as well as increasing the effectiveness of other damage control methods (such as snares, traps, or guarding animals).” A wildlife specialist who did his graduate work studying coyotes once told me that “the dumbest coyote is smarter than the smartest dog.”

That is not to discourage anyone from fencing to exclude coyotes.  It’s just to suggest that fencing 5 acres can run into some money and that it’s a good idea to do it well the first time.  There are guidelines and
diagrams for suitable fencing as well as other components of an integrated approach at this website:

This is a large pdf file and will take a long time to download via dial-up.  I can provide a copy on request.

Note that toxicants and fumigants included in this publication are NOT LEGAL in North Carolina.  There is no closed hunting season for coyotes; trapping is limited to other game trapping seasons.


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