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Written by Gene Galin   
Monday, 11 May 2009

This digest contains the following messages:

  1. Happy Mother's Day to all of us via Jeff Lane  
         by: Heather Johnson <>
  2. NHS Art Ed. Foundation Meeting  
         by: gina harrison <>
  3. looking for a nondenominational church  
         by:  <>
  4. School Board Meeting Agenda for Today - 5/11/09  
         by: Gene Galin <>
  5. CrYpTiK's response to my comments.  

--------------------  1  --------------------
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 14:06:42 -0400
From: Heather Johnson <>
Subject: Happy Mother's Day to all of us via Jeff Lane

From the Chatlist:

*Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 15:01:58 -0400
From: Jeff Lane
Subject: Deer again...

The truth is, WE, as people, do a very poor job of regulating our OWN
population, spitting out kid after kid after kid.

*Well this was a fine post to read on this blessed day. Your answer to
resolving the deer overpopulation problem is to control HUMAN population?!
Your remarks sound similar to Nancy Pelosi's (paraphrasing here) "using
birth control will solve our financial crisis".

So thanks Jeff. Happy Mother's Day to you and yours.


-Mother who "spat" out four so far and I hope will "spit out" more
-Daughter of a mom who "spat" out 8 of her own!


Heather Johnson
Chatham Bookkeeping Services

--------------------  2  --------------------
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 16:31:13 -0400
From: gina harrison <>
Subject: NHS Art Ed. Foundation Meeting

Come out to the Carolina Brewery this Thursday, May 14 at 7 pm for our  
final General Meeting of the year. Bring a friend, your students,  
everyone is welcome!

We'll get organized for the May concerts at NHS in the coming weeks—
our Choral Concert, the Dance Concerts, the Band Concert for Memorial  
Day, and the Senior Exhibit and Art Show; vote on a couple of  
opportunities for a little summer fundraising and  make plans for the  
upcoming year —a Gala Season celebrating our new arts wing renovations!

Join a committee if you have time to get involved on a regular basis  
or sign up for a single activity if you have a more limited schedule.  
We have a wide variety of ways you can participate in arts education  
programs at Northwood during the coming year.

Tara at the Brewery would like to know how many to expect, so please  
send me an email if you can come. We'll be  
upstairs. I look forward to seeing you!

--------------------  3  --------------------
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 21:29:56 EDT
Subject: looking for a nondenominational church

If any one out there has a church they really love has a great  men's bible
study group that preaches from the bible ...believing in the  trinity and
Christ as our savior...could you please send me the name so I can  research
it...Thank You so much...also looking to get involved with small groups  out
of the church...


--------------------  4  --------------------
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 07:00:35 -0400
From: Gene Galin <>
Subject: School Board Meeting Agenda for Today - 5/11/09

The Chatham County Board of Education will meet in the Jordan-Matthews
High Media Center for it's regular board meeting on Monday, May 11 at
7:30 pm.

Open Session – 6:45 p.m.
(BOE members will likely vote to adjourn to a closed session to
discuss privileged matters.)
Closed Session
Open Session – 7:30 p.m.
(The public is welcome to attend this open meeting.)

I.  Call to Order Chairwoman Russell

II. Closed Session
A.     Attorney/Client Discussion: 143-318.11(a)(3)
B.   Personnel: 143-318-11(a)(6)
Student Records: 143-318.11(a)(1) Board Members

III. Pledge of Allegiance Board Members

IV. Invocation & Welcome of Visitors Robert L. Logan

V. Public Comments

VI. Adoption of Agenda Board Members

VII.  Consent Agenda Board Members
VIII. Good News Robert L. Logan/Board Members

IX. New Business Robert L. Logan/Board Members

A.    Strategic Plans (Set Priorities)
B.    Policy Revision 3460 Graduation Requirements-Second Reading (For Action)
C.    Board Meeting Dates (For Action)
D.    Paul Braxton Facility (For Action)
E.     Bus Route Procedures (For Information)
F.     Salary Deductions for Locally Paid Employees (For Action)

X. Old Business Robert L. Logan/Board Members

XI. Personnel Agenda (For Action) Dr. Tina S. Hester

XII. Adjournment Chairwoman Russell

Links to school board meeting topics

Major topic-setting priorities for 2009-10 school year from strategic plan

Also, vote on policy change for graduation requirements (discussed at
April meeting)

Vote on 2009-10 Board meeting dates

Vote on Closing of Paul Braxton facility

Information on Bus Route Procedures

Vote on Salary deduction for local positions (mirror state reductions)

--------------------  5  --------------------
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 08:59:43 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rod and Nancy Dail <>
Subject: CrYpTiK's response to my comments.

Mr. Cryptik (very fitting name by the way)

Since we live this great country and have the right to express our opinion, you've had your say just like I did! Congratulations! But just because you don't agree with my opinion, doesn't mean that they are wrong. Good day!

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