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Chatham Chatlist #3403 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gene Galin   
Saturday, 25 April 2009

This digest contains the following messages:

  1. SIler City Lawn & Garden Show  
         by: Denise Dunn
  2. Flowering Tree Identification  
  3. Excellent Care, Pricing and Vet at Pittsboro Animal Hospital  
         by: Stacey Traviglia
  4. Spring/Summer Activities for Kids  
         by: Jeff Christian
  5. Re: Chatham Chatlist #3401  
         by: Jeff Lane
  6. Jordan Lake boating  
  7. Coyotes  
  8. Unknown  
         by: Laura & Michele
  9. Pottery  
         by: Forrest Greenslade
  10. Attorney for Speeding Ticket  
  11. Re: Chatham Chatlist #3402  
         by: charles jones
  12. who "vetoed" the spring 2008 mixed beverage referendum?  
         by: Mike Fox
  13. Taking the Fire Out of Fire Ants  
         by: Al Cooke
  14. The Tale of the Window Wizard and the Pugnacious Pollen  
         by: Adam Brinson
  15. Coyotes  
         by: Al Cooke
  16. Final Reminder of Lobster Sale  
         by: Jim Kirkman
  17. Re:  Squirrel Dilemma  
         by: Al Cooke
  18. Re: Free Goats!!  
         by: Shelley Theye
  19. In defense of Pittsboro Animal Hospital  
         by: K Guthrie
  20. Looking for painter/recommendations for small job  
         by: K Guthrie
  21. Northwood Varsity Baseball Defeats Defending State Champ Orange 4-2  
         by: Darcey Moore
  22. Re: Chatham Chatlist #3402  
         by: keepsakesframing
  23. Chatham Community Church will "leave the building" on Sunday, May 3.  
  24. Support Local Theater! Please see KUDZU at Chatham Mills  
         by: Randy Voller
  25. The Fearrington House is Named One of the Top 50 Best Overall Restaurants in the United States by OpenTable  

--------------------  1  --------------------
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 07:27:55 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
From: Denise Dunn
Subject: SIler City Lawn & Garden Show

On May 2, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. the Siler City Merchants Assocation will be hosting the Lawn & Garden Show in Historic Downtown Siler City - we will be celebrating the Siler City Farmers Market!  On display will be Antique Tractors, we will have booths with gardening ideas, pottery, plants, herbs, books, yard art, etc.  

Raffle Tickets are also available now for $1.00 a piece, 6 for $5.00, 50% of our proceeds will go to the RELAY FOR LIFE.  Prizes include (but are not limited to) A load of pine mulch, donated by Wrenn Brothers; Backpack Sprayer, donated by McDonald Brothers; 24"x 24" Mirror, donated by Glass & Window Warehouse; Mother's Day Bouquet - donated by Floral Boutique; $25.00 Gift Certificate donated by Paperback's Plus; Pottery Planter, donated by Chana Meeks; $50.00 Gift Certificate to Food Lion, donated by Denise Dunn, Realty World Chatham Properties; Donation from Global Heart; $10.00 Gift Certificate Donated by NC Arts Incubator; Meal for 2 Donated by Mina Beana's.  More prizes being donated.  Drawing will be May 2nd at the Lawn and Garden Show.

For more information please call Denise Dunn - 919-548-3458 or Pat Dawson - 742-4033, raffle tickets can be purchases from any member of the Siler City Merchants Assocation.  

Denise Dunn
Realty World Chatham Properties

--------------------  2  --------------------
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 07:31:13 -0400
Subject: Flowering Tree Identification

I saw a tree yesterday that I have not been able to identify and was =
wondering if any of you can help.  The tree was a sapling in the woods =
and there were several other ones of the same size in the same area.

The leaves grew in a cluster at the end of a twig - there were usually =
five of them and they were sort of oval in shape.  The leaves were =
smooth, not hairy and were pretty much the same green on both sides.

The flowers were almost past blooming but the ones I saw were clusters =
of eight individual flowers growing in a circle at the end of one twig.  =
They were a couple of shades of pink ranging from almost white to a =
deep, almost maroon pink.  The flowers were maybe an inch or so long =
(excluding the stamens) and tubular with long, long stamens (?) =
protruding from inside the flower.  The stamens were almost twice as =
long as the actual flower.

I did not notice any large trees of this type in the area so I think =
this may be a smallish tree or woody shrub.  I also didn't notice any =
kind of flowery scent.

Does anyone have a clue as to what it is?  Oh, while I was searching to =
find what it could be, I found a photo of buckeye leaves which resembled =
the growth pattern of this tree but nothing else matched.

Thanks in advance for any help!


--------------------  3  --------------------
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:32:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Stacey Traviglia
Subject: Excellent Care, Pricing and Vet at Pittsboro Animal Hospital

Hello neighbors,

I have a senior diabetic cat that is under the care of Dr. Laurie Weiser at Pittsboro Animal Hospital and I feel very fortunate to have such a caring vet from one of the best vet schools in the country. I’m amazed at how my cat has continued to maintain a high level of happiness despite the many complications diabetes causes and I owe that to the outstanding veterinary care she is being provided. Compared to other vets I have used during the 6 yrs of managing her diabetes, Pittsboro Animal Hospital has better pricing and doesn’t push for procedures/tests/vaccinations that other vets have. I could give a number of examples of what may be considered gouging by other vets I have used in the past, but not one from Pittsboro Animal Hospital.

--------------------  4  --------------------
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 14:49:10 -0400
From: "Jeff Christian"
Subject: Spring/Summer Activities for Kids

Someone was asking about inexpensive activities for kids in and around Chatham County.  I wonder what kind of list was gathered from it and if he would put it on the Chatlist.  I'd love to get some new ideas.

Here's my contribution-
  Canoe the Deep River from Plank Road in Gulf, off 421, to the Camelback Bridge Park in Cumnock.  Afterwards, stop by JR Moore & Sons General Store for old-fashioned ice cream snacks and drinks.

  Also, isn't there someplace around here that runs real train rides on certain occasions?

Thanks for any suggestions,
Jeff Christian

--------------------  5  --------------------
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 16:51:26 -0400
From: Jeff Lane
Subject: Re: Chatham Chatlist #3401

I too am a bit confused by Mr. Cramer's current string of rehashed
attacks on Dr Weisler...

We went over this last summer with him over the idea of requiring or
not requiring checkup's with rabies vaccinations, and last summer the
also was rather unfriendly toward Dr. Weisler.

So this really begs the question, why now, Elliot?  Have you been
simmering all this time with pent up frustration over last summer's
debate?  Or did you, after voicing your complaint last summer, decide
to go back again, only to be enraged once more when the same thing you
disagreed with then was suggested once more?

I could understand your vitriol a bit better if this was something new
that had happened to you, but this topic is nearly a year old at this
point, and has been hashed out by you already, nearly a year ago.

I said this before, and I am beginning to think that there is more
than just one person who could benefit, but there are many
decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as tasty as the real

For myself, I've only really dealt with Dr. Weisler once, and that was
on the day we lost our silly little Jack to a nasty bit of cancer.
She was entirely professional, courtious, and was the ONLY vet who was
willing to come out to our house to help us put him out of his misery.
Every other vet I spoke two during the two days proceeding either
wanted us to load him into a car and drive him 15-30 miles to some
cold clinic, or was too busy, or was prohibitively expensive.

Dr. Weisler made time for us, out of a busy saturday morning, drove to
our house, helped us immensely in the process, and took care of all
the arrangements for us, when we were not in a state to really arrange

Her staff was very caring and concerned for how we were doing, and
even sent us a condolence card a short while later, which was
incredibly touching, and definitely over the top.  I mean, really, who
goes to all that trouble for someone who's never been a patient

So yeah, she get's my support and respect too...

And with regards to the whole Vet vs. MD thing...  it's far more
competitive to get into vet school than medical school, they have to
learn far more than the MD does, since they have to be able to treat
multiple species with multiple problems, and they don't make anywhere
near what an MD does.

Please, just take a breath, relax and calm down...

--------------------  6  --------------------
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 16:59:33 EDT
Subject: Jordan Lake boating

Carole: Saw your note in the Chatlist. Anyone who has any boating
experience (and many who don't) can rent boats at the Crosswinds Marina on Farrington
Rd., just north of 64. They offer small aluminum flatboats and larger
pontoon boats, which will take many people comfortably. Radio-equipped.
Life-jackets provided. The pontoon boats are partially covered. Call 362-5391.    
John Shillito, MD

--------------------  7  --------------------
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 21:35:01 EDT
Subject: Coyotes

There have been coyotes on my land and in this area
for some time.  I live off Hamlets Chapel Rd, on  Dorcurt
Hills Rd.  I found several large  prints near  some
deer tracks in a place in my driveway, where rain had
pooled and left soft mud.  My daughter and I  used a ruler
and photographed the tracks.  Some were  almost 6" long,
and others, smaller.  Since mud makes tracks  larger, they were
probably about 5",  and that's huge.  It is possible  that
the animal was a cross between a dog and a coyote.
I did see it very early one morning when the trees  were
bare.  It streaked through the trees and  disappeared.
Haven't seen any signs lately, however. They must
have moved on.

--------------------  8  --------------------
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 19:32:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Laura & Michele
Subject: Unknown

It's great to see all the support for Pittsboro Animal Hospital
on the chatlist.  We've been going there for a few years now, and
really enjoy Dr. Weiser and the entire staff.  That said, here's my two
Mr. Cramer, I've known about the rabies vaccine clinics
since we've started going to Pittsboro Animal Hospital.  In fact a lot
of vets in the area hold similar clinics.   When we lived in Durham we took our dog and cats to Banfield in Petsmart.
 It was the same deal - you had to pay for the office visit (which was
way more than the fee at PAH) and the vaccine unless you went during the
clinic days.  I'm not sure why you even care about bringing your
animals to the vet to get the shots.  You yourself stated that you can
easily buy rabies vaccines
online the last time you decided to use this public forum to talk trash
about Pittsboro Animal Hospital (July 2008).   As someone who boasts
about leaving your dogs alone outside for a week or more while out of
town, I can't imagine why you'd ever feel the need to let them see the
inside of a vet's office.  
Next, if  someone
at PAH incorrectly stated that it is REQUIRED by state law for them to
require an exam to receive a vaccine, then you should have asked Dr.
Weiser for clarification.  If it's their POLICY to require an exam,
then you could either pay the exam fee, go to a vet that did not charge
an exam fee, wait for a clinic, or administer the vaccine yourself .
 You absolutely have a right to not to do business with them.  I'm sure
that this whole incident could have been cleared up with an additional
phone call or other method of personal communication.  Instead you
decided to take your complaint to the chatlist. That is your right.  In
doing so I hope you realize what's occurred.  In taking your complaint
to the chatlist, you've encouraged people (like myself) to email and
defend a business that was badmouthed not once, but twice from a person
who has never even been there.  Congratulations!
I wonder why you felt the need to give everyone on the chatlist the
contact information for the NC veterinary medical board.  I'm not sure
what to make of that.  Generally people don't take the time to complain
- period.  What makes you think that someone would take the time to
complain about something that did not even affect them?  Furthermore,
why would you think that the NC vet board would take all of these
complaints over what is, in fact, a misunderstanding? 

say that you find the ethical standards of veterinarians to be lower
than those of physicians.  Coming from a person who stirs up
controversy out of nothing, leaves their animals unattended for long
periods of time, spews inaccuracies about PAH in one breath and
recommends another vet in the next, I take that statement with a large
grain of salt.

--------------------  9  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 07:26:44 -0400
From: Forrest Greenslade
Subject: Pottery

How did world-renown potter, Mark Hewitt, of Pittsboro, NC decide which
of his two huge wood-fired kilns to fill and fire this winter and spring
to supply enough pots for his May Kiln Opening and upcoming shows in
Rocky Mount and Highlands, NC, and Pittsfield, MA? Each can hold more
than 1500 pots, and with the enthusiastic help of apprentices Joseph
Sand and Alex Matisse, they set an all-time record and decided to fill
and fire them both!

The newer three-chambered kiln, designed to fire alkaline glazed
pottery, produced an array of shiny, dark green and rich amber two
gallon lidded jars and robust pitchers, tall beer steins, over 100 mugs
and tumblers, teapots, tiered vases, large platters and, of course,
several of Hewitt’s signature massive “big pots”. This time they are
tall Obelisks, vases and jars, standing nearly over 60” tall.

The reliable, sleek, salt-fired groundhog-style kiln, now at its 76^th
firing, was filled with planters of all sizes, plates, bowls, lamp
bases, more pitchers and mugs and more “big pots”.

Hewitt Pottery Kiln Openings, held three times a year, are cultural and
social events. Collectors, designers, customers, family and friends
reunite to share stories of previous kiln loads, dine on homemade
refreshments, and add a few more pots to their kitchens, gardens and
collections. Newcomers discover why Mark Hewitt is a highly respected
household name in the pottery world.
The Spring Kiln Opening will be held on Saturdays, May 2nd and 9th from
9-5pm and Sundays, May 3rd and 10th from noon-5pm. For a preview of all
the new pots (no sales at this time) stop by on Friday May 1st between 4
and 7pm. More information and directions to the Hewitt Pottery, (an easy
drive from anywhere in the Triangle) can be found at, or by calling
Mark Hewitt is a member of the Chatham Artists Guild
(, the organization that presents the
Chatham Studio Tour the first two weekends each December.

Forrest C. Greenslade. PhD, DTM
Artist, Writer, Speaker
President, Chatham Artists Guild

--------------------  10  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 07:42:41 -0400
Subject: Attorney for Speeding Ticket

Hi Friends,

Can anyone  recommend a lawyer for handling and representation for
speeding ticket?  If so would you please send me this info and thanks
in advance,

--------------------  11  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 08:44:14 -0400
From: charles jones
Subject: Re: Chatham Chatlist #3402

re: petsitter

Not an in home petsitter, but we recently had a great experience with
Elizabeth @ Petsitting by Elizabeth - very organized, visits as
requested, does various add-ons as requested, checked in with us while
we were away, reasonably priced - recommended.

Elizabeth Holloway

--------------------  13  --------------------
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 14:36:30 -0400
From: Candace Barringer
Subject: [Gsc] Info Regarding Pet Sitters

I am moving to Pittsboro May 1. We are in need of a pet sitter for a
large dog and a Maine Coon Cat during Mid-May.  (Very well-behaved
critters) Is there anyone in the area who comes in the home to stay?

--------------------  12  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 08:47:42 -0400
From: Mike Fox
Subject: who "vetoed" the spring 2008 mixed beverage referendum?

Jeffrey Starkweather made a good financial case for passing the mixed
beverage referendum, but he also said in his post:

  When Commissioner Tom Vanderbeck
 supported the idea of putting it on the spring ballot, his
 proposal was immediately vetoed by Commissioners Mike Cross and
 Patrick Barnes.

Last I checked there were five commissioners on the board and it takes 3 of
them to stop something.  If Barnes and Cross could have stopped the will of
the majority on their own, there would have been a lot less damage done to
the county in their first two years when Morgan, Emerson, and Outz were
ramming everything through.   If Barnes and Cross could have stopped the
will of the majority on their own, we wouldn't have had the redistricting
and voting by district fiascos that Bunkey tried to give to the county as a
parting gift in 2006, just to pick one example.

No, I believe Jeffrey is omitting someone in his finger pointing here.  I
have a feeling there is another commissioner who opposes mixed beverages,
one that the coalition seems to be trying to to sweep under the rug and/or
give a free pass to on this issue while they continue to criticize Mike
Cross for taking the same position.  Who could that be?  Who joined Mike
Cross on the "no" side in the recent 3-2 vote on liquor by the drink, yet
never gets mentioned when coalition people decide to criticize those who
opposed the vote?


--------------------  13  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:28:29 -0400
From: Al Cooke
Subject: Taking the Fire Out of Fire Ants

Taking the Fire Out of Fire Ants

Extension Agents Al Cooke and Sam Groce will repeat the program Taking the Fire Out of Fire Ants on Monday, May 4, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Agriculture Building in Pittsboro.  A $5.00 fee will cover handout materials and light refreshments.  Participants are requested to pre-register by calling 542.8202 or by emailing  

Fire ant reports in the county were widespread last fall.  We expect most of these colonies are still active.  Spring will be our best opportunity to deal with them.  

We do not promise that you will eliminate fire ants.   We emphasize that while there are many available products, how those products are used is more important than product selection.  The presentation will focus on understanding the life within a fire ant mound and using the ants' habits to our advantage.  We will present strategies recognized as effective for dealing with fire ant mounds along with their advantages and disadvantages.

As a livestock Agent, Groce points out that there are very few products that can be used in pastures or forage crops.  This is both a safety and a legal issue. It is a violation of Federal law to use pesticides in a location not specified on the product label.

The Extension Office has received calls all winter about the fire ant mounds that are all around Chatham County.  Even with the cold winter of 2008-09 fire ants will still be an issue in the county this spring, summer, and fall.  Residents are urged to come and learn the most effective strategies for control and tips on how to live with fire ants.

For licensed or certified applicators, 2 hours pesticide recertification credits will be available in subclasses G, H, K, L, N, O, D and X.   A $5.00 fee will cover handout materials and light refreshments.  Participants are requested to pre-register by calling 542.8202 or by emailing  


Al Cooke
Extension Agent, Horticulture
Chatham County Center
N.C. Cooperative Extension
PO Box 279, Pittsboro, NC  27312
919.542-8202; Fax 919.542.8246

--------------------  14  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:47:16 -0400
From: Adam Brinson
Subject: The Tale of the Window Wizard and the Pugnacious Pollen

The foul green plague hath descended upon us. The trees have gotten so bold
as to completely dust us innocent humans and our meager dwellings with their
plumes of noxious and grimy particles.  But never fear, the Window Wizard
meets spring and its less than delightful by-products with an assault of
pollen blasting weaponry and spells.  Fences, Patios, siding, windows,
outdoor furniture, porches, gazebos, guard towers, liveries, catacombs,
dungeons, and mead halls can all be cleaned by the  Window Wizard and his
pressure washer which has the power of ten rushing rivers. He is also
trained in the arts of gutter cleaning in case your gutters are not handling
these frequent rains causing mini-moats around your house. Don't forget the
Window Wizard also makes windows clear as a crystal ball.  Call  for a free
estimate 919-928-8548

Adam Brinson
Window Wizard

--------------------  15  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:52:57 -0400
From: Al Cooke
Subject: Coyotes

Several years ago I had a call from a home day care center regarding a coyote in the backyard during daylight hours.  At that time I consulted with wildlife experts from both the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and NC State University.  I don't think either of them was surprised at my report and questions.  Both agreed on the wisdom of getting the children inside and "don't turn your back" on the coyote.

A few other general observations:  Coyotes will eat almost anything from insects to watermelons.  Cats seem to be a favorite.  Coyotes tend to be most aggressive in feeding habits and time of day when they are raising young, about February to May.

Besides pets, the most serious depredation is usually on livestock especially when young are present.  Animal husbandry practices are reported to be the most significant factors in whether livestock are attacked - whether animals are penned at night, presence of dogs or alpacas for protection, and other aggressive tactics by herders.

There is probably no fool proof method of protection.  One biologist who trapped and radio collared coyotes for graduate research told me that he never caught the same animal twice.  He said I could quote him that "The dumbest coyote is smarter than the smartest dog."

There is no closed hunting season for coyote.  But efforts to eliminate them usually fail.  Under pressure the number of young per litter tends to increase.  Quoting again, hunting either "kills 'em off or sharpens 'em up."  Don't turn your back.


Al Cooke
Extension Agent, Horticulture
Chatham County Center
N.C. Cooperative Extension
PO Box 279, Pittsboro, NC  27312
919.542-8202; Fax 919.542.8246

--------------------  16  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:20:09 -0400
From: Jim Kirkman
Subject: Final Reminder of Lobster Sale

Our lobster sale is coming to a close. The time to act is now!! On-line
ordering at ends at midnite Mon Apr. 27th.
Walk in orders will be accepted at our office at 175 E. Salisbury St
through close of business Tue. Apr 28th. We will also have
representatives at the Fearrington Farmer's Market on Tue. Apr 28th.
from 4-6. Thanks for your support!



Chatham County Together! is celebrating our 20^th Anniversary! Help us
reach a goal of 1,000 lobsters sold. All proceeds and donations make
possible programs offered to at--risk youth of promise served by CCT! in
every nook and cranny of the County. Chatham County Together! is a
non-profit organization with a mission: To encourage "at risk" youth and
young adults to become healthy, self-sufficient, and contributing
members of society.

The 9^th Annual Lobster Fundraiser is taking place right now. Place your
order for live ($15 each) or cooked ($17 each) 1 ¾ pound lobster.
Lobster distribution is Saturday, May 2 between 3pm and 4pm, So liven up
your Kentucky Derby party with some crustaceans!!

Choose from five different Chatham County pick up locations. Pick up
location areas are listed on the order form. Specific pick up location
information is listed on the confirmation card, which you will receive
in the mail within a week of placing an order.


Jim Kirkman

Jim Kirkman
ITS Enterprise Systems and Automation Services
UNC-Chapel Hill

--------------------  17  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:33:19 -0400
From: Al Cooke
Subject: Re:  Squirrel Dilemma

Re:  Squirrel Dilemma, Chatlist Tue, 21 Apr 2009

You don't need to make a point of providing an exit for squirrels in the attic.  They seem more adept than some animals at remembering how they got in..  They are probably coming and going on a regular basis, whether the entry is evident to humans or not.  At this time of year they may be raising young in the attic.  Adults breed about December to January and give birth about 6 weeks later.  Young are weaned at about 10-12 weeks and begin exploring outside the nest at that time.  You can do the arithmetic and figure there could be young exploring outside the nest but perhaps not yet outside the attic.

A one-way exit may be improvised at their normal point of entry/exit, but you'll have to find it.  Use a piece of 4-inch plastic pipe about 18 inches long.  Seal it around the entry and angle it at about 45 degrees.  You may also cover the opening(s) with a metal ½ inch hardware cloth secured at top and sides and open a few feet below.  They may or may not be able to get back under once they get out.  How persistent they are may depend on presence of young.

At some point they may all leave the nest and your challenge then is to find and close all openings larger than ½ inch before they come back.  Someone may need to get into the attic to trap them or to determine that they are gone before you seal them in.  Some areas to note include any point at which utility lines enter the house, soffits, vents, and gable ends.  Any of these points will have to be closed, with ½ inch hardware cloth.  If electrical lines are involved - and they often are - it may be wise to contact an electrician to close openings around that.  Be liberal in your use of covering material and secure it well.  Squirrels will readily chew wood to enlarge an opening that is a little tight.

For those who do not yet have this problem, prevention is a lot easier than removal.  Squirrels often access a house by jumping from nearby trees or via electric lines.  Trim trees back about 10 feet from houses.  Contact an electrician to protect electric lines.

For more detailed information on squirrels see


Al Cooke
Extension Agent, Horticulture
Chatham County Center
N.C. Cooperative Extension
PO Box 279, Pittsboro, NC  27312
919.542-8202; Fax 919.542.8246

--------------------  18  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:42:58 -0400
From: Shelley Theye
Subject: Re: Free Goats!!

Wanted to let chatlist readers know that all of Mr. Jones' goats have
been taken in by a NC rescue group that rescue goats and other farm  
They will all be adopted out to good homes!

Thanks to the Celebrity Dairy for their help in getting the word out
to the community.

Shelley Theye

--------------------  19  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 07:55:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: K Guthrie
Subject: In defense of Pittsboro Animal Hospital

Dr. Weiser has done a fine job of defending her practice, but I just wanted to add a customer view to the list.
We've taken our animals to Dr. Weiser since moving to Chatham county and have always found her and her staff to be professional, kind, and dedicated to the welfare of animals. When our older cat had to be put down due to cancer complications, everyone on staff showed compassion and sympathy during this difficult time.
We also adopted a kitten from Dr. Weiser that she had rescued--an unkind person had injured the kitten and dumped her at the pound to be put to sleep. Dr. Weiser refused to euthanize a healthy animal, taking the kitten to her office and performing a toe amputation and follow-up care for the kitten, as well as spaying her and bringing her current on vaccinations-all at her own expense. This "kitten" is now a healthy 1 1/2 year-old cat named Digit who spends her days lazing around our house. This is an example of the type of vet, and person, Dr. Weiser is, and we will continue to bring our animals to her because of it.
Kathy Guthrie

--------------------  20  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 07:56:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: K Guthrie
Subject: Looking for painter/recommendations for small job

Anyone have a recommendation for a local painter for a small job (stairwell & 16-foot wall)?

--------------------  21  --------------------
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 11:30:21 -0400
From: "Darcey Moore"
Subject: Northwood Varsity Baseball Defeats Defending State Champ Orange 4-2

Subject: Varsity Baseball Defeats Defending State Champ Orange 4-2

The Varsity Baseball team defeated defending state champ Hillsborough
Orange last night 4-2. Austin Brice was the winning pitcher as he struck
out 5 and allowed only 1 run and 2 hits. Clay Martin pitched the
Chargers out of a jam in the top of the fifth, before Bradlee Jeffries
again rose to the occasion and pitched the Chargers out of another jam
in the sixth inning. Jeffries allowed only 1 hit and struck out 4 in
recording the save.

Dalton Stone and Clay Martin each had RBI doubles and scored a run for
the Chargers. Clay Cooper had an RBI double as well while Cameron
Goodwin had the only other Charger hit and stole a base on the night.
Zack Groves had three walks and scored a run. Clay Cooper had an
excellent game behind the plate and Jake Houck made a nice running catch
to end the 5th inning in left field. The Chargers improved to 6-3 in the
conference and 13-4 overall on the season. The Chargers play at NCSSM
today at 5. Senior Night is next Friday night at 7 versus Graham.

Dr. Jason "Brent" Cooper
Doctorate of Educational Leadership
UNC-Chapel Hill, 2008
Master's of School Administration
UNC-Chapel Hill, 2004
Bachelor's of Education-Secondary Social Studies
UNC-Chapel Hill, 1996

Northwood High School(Chatham County Schools)
Assistant Principal
919 548 5274 (cell)
919 542 4181 (office)
919 542 4934 (fax)

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 11:37:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: keepsakesframing
Subject: Re: Chatham Chatlist #3402

There has been a large blk shepherd/mix on 15-501 for the last week.  I have tried to catch the dog but he runs when I slow the car down.  It has run into the highway several times and the nice folks have stopped for him.  I have stopped trying to catch him because of this and throw food out only. He travels from Log Barn Acres up to Chatham Church Road, then turns and goes back the other direction. I have seen him out as late as 9:00 at night on 15-501 and think he was thrown out.  Anyone have any experience in trying to help this dog before it's too late.  I have called animal control but each time the dog is nowhere to be seen when they come out.  They can not put a trap out on the side of the highway nor can they tranquilize the dog. Please call if anyone can help.  Jeannie & Tom at Keepsakes Framing, 545-0321..

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 11:57:30 -0400
Subject: Chatham Community Church will "leave the building" on Sunday, May 3.

Chatham Community Church will "leave the building" on Sunday, May 3 to
get out into the community to serve and show God's love in very
tangible ways to others.

Over 100 adults and children from the church will participate in
service projects including making several improvements at Perry
Harrison School where the church meets regularly on Sunday mornings,
cleaning up the Haw River area, serving alongside Habitat for
Humanity, and performing individual home repairs.  This service
opportunity is open to all members of the community who would like to
join in serving.

Participants will gather at Perry Harrison School at 8:30 am and begin
the service projects by 9 am.  The participants will reconvene between
12:00-12:30pm at Perry Harrison School for a picnic lunch to celebrate
the day together.  Perry Harrison School is located at 2655 Hamlet
Chapel Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312.

Additional information can be found at the church’s website:

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 12:12:54 -0400
From: Randy Voller
Subject: Support Local Theater! Please see KUDZU at Chatham Mills


FYI supporters of community theatre
There are still *plenty of seats* for Sun 4/26, and May 1-3, so get 'em now!

Please note that Saturday April 25 is SOLD OUT
Friday April 24 has only 20 seats left as of Friday morning.

Need some big laughs?!
Looking for escapist comedy?!
Coming soon right here in Chatham county, by Chatham county performers...

Buy tickets soon at

*Very limited* seating for our upcoming community theatre event,

*"Kudzu, A Southern Musical"*
at the old Chatham Mills building
*April 24-26 & May 1-3* (see attached for more info)

Buy your tickets soon at

Featuring Central Carolina Community College theatre students and local
Chatham county musicians, artists, and actors.

Support local theatre and have a fun time with a fun fun funny script
written by locals Jack Herrick, Doug Marlette, and Bland Simpson, and based
on the comic strip "Kudzu" by Doug Marlette.    The band's rockin', the
singers are mighty fine, and costumes, scenery and acting are total comic
strip lunacy.

Get your tickets soon to be sure to have a seat; tickets also available at
CCCC Pittsboro campus.

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 14:27:03 -0400
From: "Lindgren, Kerstin"
Subject: The Fearrington House is Named One of the Top 50 Best Overall Restaurants in the United States by OpenTable

Pittsboro, NC, April 24, 2009 - The Fearrington House Restaurant has
been identified as one of the 50 best overall restaurants nationally
according to OpenTable.  These restaurants received the highest "best
overall" rating, based on more than 2 million restaurant reviews
received over the last year from OpenTable diners.  OpenTable operates=20 , the world's most popular
website for making restaurant reservations online.

"We are honored to receive this acknowledgement from our OpenTable
diners.  The staff at The Fearrington House takes great pride in
providing the very best service and cuisine.  Knowing that our guests
enjoyed their experience with us and that they took the time to respond
with such wonderful reviews is very gratifying," said General Manager
Theresa Chiettini.  "We also send congratulations to Saint-Jacques, the
only other restaurant in North Carolina to be included in this list."

"Given the high quality of our restaurant partners, the competition for
placement on this list was quite fierce," said Caroline Potter,
OpenTable's dining expert.  "We congratulate The Fearrington House on
this exciting accomplishment by providing its diners with exceptional
dining experiences."

For more information about all of the restaurants on this list, please

About OpenTable

OpenTable is a provider of free, real-time online restaurant
reservations for diners and reservation and guest management solutions
for restaurants.  OpenTable has more than 10,000 restaurant customers,
and since its inception in 1999, has seated more than 90 million diners
around the world.  The company is headquartered in San Francisco,
California, and the OpenTable service is available throughout the United
States, as well as in Canada, Japan, Mexico, and parts of Europe.   =20


About The Fearrington House Restaurant

The Fearrington House Restaurant is a member of Relais & Chateaux
http://⟨=3Den , =
association of the finest restaurants and hotels in the world, and is
the only Green Certified TM AAA Five Diamond restaurant in the country.
The farmhouse restaurant, recognized for its sophisticated contemporary
American cuisine, provides guests an exceptional dining experience.
Opened in 1980 and surrounded by extensive gardens, The Fearrington
House Restaurant is located 8 miles south of Chapel Hill, NC.=20

The Fearrington House

2000 Fearrington Village

Pittsboro, NC 27312

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