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Chatham Chatlist #3393 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gene Galin   
Saturday, 11 April 2009

This digest contains the following messages:

  1. NHS Girls Varsity Soccer wins 3-0 over Durham School of the Arts  
         by: Darcey Moore
  2. Pittsboro Plenty  
  3. Prayer Shawl Ministry in Pittsboro  
         by: Lyn Sims
  4. Chatham Community Church - Easter Celebration  
         by: Jeff Lawrence
  5. Carwash Relay fundraiser  
         by: Cathy Head
  6. Northwood JV Baseball Defeats Southern Alamance 10-6  
         by: Darcey Moore
  7. That is my store of last resort due  
  8. CARE and CC-CBA Burrito Bash with Live and Silent Auctions May  
         by: Sirls, Karen
  9. Plentys  
         by: Mary DeMare
  10. Re: Chatham Chatlist #3391  
  11. Emergence  
         by: Forrest Greenslade
  12. Chatham County Business Leads Group  
         by: dbonin
  13. JV Baseball Defeats County Rival Jordan Matthews 12-4 Thursday evening  
         by: Darcey Moore
  14. Varsity Baseball Defeats DSA 14-1 Thursday night  
         by: Darcey Moore
  15. Lady Chargers Softball Defeats Conference Rival Cedar Ridge 13-4 Tuesday night  
         by: Darcey Moore
  16. Lady Chargers Varsity Softball Goes Undefeated in Charger Invitational  
         by: Darcey Moore
  17. Need Have-A-Heart trap  
         by: Pamela S. Kuder, DDS
  18. liquor for by the drink t be bought at  local ABC stores  
         by: John Dykers, MD
  19. Plenty  
         by: John Dykers, MD
  20. LOST DOG: Our dog is lost from our Hamlet Chapel Rd area home.  

--------------------  1  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 08:47:37 -0400
From: "Darcey Moore"
Subject: NHS Girls Varsity Soccer wins 3-0 over Durham School of the Arts

The Charger women prevailed again last night with a 3-0 win over Durham
School of the Arts. This was another well executed match with good
passing, communication and finishing. Melana Horton put us on the board
first with a shot into the left corner after a pass from Anna Elkins.
With 15 minutes remaining in the contest Anna Elkins scored off an
assist from Alex Hallows. Anna then hit a thirty yard shot with three
minutes remaining for the third goal. Sara McCaw had 12 saves in the net
for yet another fine performance. Casey Norris was again a controlling
influence in the midfield. Darien Skinner and Danielle Helgens gave us
good minutes off the bench as well. The team now stands at 4-1-2 with a
Thursday match at Cedar Ridge.

--------------------  2  --------------------
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 09:14:59 -0400
Subject: Pittsboro Plenty

I really do not understand the idea behind this "script" and perhaps I am not "hip" enough to get the whole thing, but it brings to my mind the idea of "Company Script" which was only accepted at "Company Stores".  My family fought against such things and many suffered and died so that there would be no segregated script that can be used to pressure people into only patronize accepted businesses.  In almost all cases, people were jailed, and sometimes shot or beaten for even possessing American legal tender.  Please do not forget the lessons of the past, especially the well intentioned folks that wish to stimulate the local economy.  An alternative idea would be to set up a co-op trade exchange for goods and services.  I do not intend to participate in this program and will not accept any script that is not American Legal Tender.  To those of you who wish to participate, God Bless you.

--------------------  3  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 09:40:49 -0400
From: "Lyn Sims"
Subject: Prayer Shawl Ministry in Pittsboro

We are starting a Prayer Shawl/charity knitting group at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in Pittsboro.  The vision is to create shawls, lap robes for people in need of a loving gift from the heart. We may also make preemie caps, chemo chaps and the like for various local charities.

The first meeting will be on Saturday, April 18th at 10 am.  I will bring 45 years of knitting experience, some yarn and needles, patterns,  and will offer assistance to knitters of all levels.  Unfortunately, I have no experience in crochet, but all crafters are welcome to join us. We would welcome quilters, too.  

Join us for laughter, leanrning, light refershments and prayerful dedication to those in need of support.

If you're interested, please feel free to contact me.

Lyn Sims

--------------------  4  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:32:38 -0400
From: "Jeff Lawrence"
Subject: Chatham Community Church - Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration at Chatham Community Church

You are invited to come and celebrate with us on Easter Sunday. Before our
worship service, we will be having a special time of family fun including an
Easter Egg Hunt, Family Photos, Donuts and Coffee. Our worship service will
last approximately 75 minutes. Join us as we passionately worship a real God
and discover how real people can experience "Real Hope."  

     Sunday, April 12
     10:00 a.m. - Family Fun with Easter Egg Hunt, Family Photos, and Donuts

     11:00 a.m. - Worship Service to celebrate Christ's resurrection

Chatham Community Church meets at Perry Harrison School, 2655 Hamlet Chapel
Road, Pittsboro, 27312.  Maps and directions are available on our website -

If you'd like to get a better feel for what our services are like, stop by
our website to learn more or even listen to a sermon online.

Chatham Community Church

--------------------  5  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:54:35 -0400
From: "Cathy Head"
Subject: Carwash Relay fundraiser

Car wash for  Pittsboro Relay Team MonaLisa on Sat May 9th from 10-3 at
Quick Change Oil and Lube.
Located at the corner of hwy 87 and 15-501 in Pittsboro
Suggested donation $5.00
Also $2.00 off any oil change will be donated to Relay For Life

In addition, Quick Change Oil and Lube will donate $4.00 to Relay for
Life on Sat. May 16 on any Full Service Oil Change.  And May 1st thru
15th of May they will donate $2.00 off any oil change.

--------------------  6  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:58:31 -0400
From: "Darcey Moore"
Subject: Northwood JV Baseball Defeats Southern Alamance 10-6

JV Baseball Defeats Southern Alamance 10-6

The JV Baseball team cruised to an early 10-1 lead and held off a 7th
inning Patriot rally to defeat Southern Alamance 10-6 Wednesday
afternoon here at NHS. Evan Dixon earned the win on the mound as he
allowed only one run and one hit and struck out 9 in 5 innings on the
mound. Andrew Jones led the JV Chargers at the plate with a single, a
two run triple, 3 walks, and two runs on the day. Evan Dixon added two
singles, two RBIs, two runs, and a stolen base. Dalton Brown also
collected two hits as he had two singles and an RBI on the day. Conner
Lawrence, Bryant Hackney, Ethan Stubbs, and Landice Barber also had hits
for the Chargers. Although he did not have a hit on the afternoon,
Jacobi Harris was an unsung hero on the afternoon as he walked twice,
had two key sacrifice bunts that later resulted in multiple Chargers
scoring later in the inning, and scored a run. Matt Gould stole a base
and scored a run.

The JV Chargers play at home this afternoon versus county rival Jordan

--------------------  7  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 11:56:32 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: That is my store of last resort due

Well said Jeff.  All I might add is that Bprentice's exprience at Food
Lion Pittsboro mirrors mine.  That is my store of last resort due fully to
the level of customer service I have not received there.

Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 09:12:06 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Customer service responsibility...

 Well now, Bprentice, it serves you right for going to Subway. Nuff said.

What?  Thurman, I say this only because I care, but there are many
decaffinated brands on the market that are just as tasty as the real

Serves you right for going to subway?  Really?  I don't know about you,
but when I walk into ANY establishment, I expect a certain level of
competence.  I can't speak to B Prentice's experience at the local Subway,
but I CAN speak to my own, which the experiences have always been either
good or mediocre at best.  No, when I walk into Subway, I don't expect the
level of service or competence I'd get at ... say Ruth Chris, or some
other restaurant, but I DO expect SOMEONE on shift to know how to : Make
product, Sell product, and use the credit card machine...

 As far as your manufactured "problem" with Food Lion's Vicky, the
 "Customer  Service Manager"- You won't find a more helpful and dedicated
 person working in any store anywhere than Vicky. She knows the store
 in-side-out- and she also knows when the customer is right and in your
 case, WRONG. . She has a wonderful sense of humor and knows her job.

How is that a manufactured problem?  Here, in case you missed it, let me
provide a quote:

""This  isn't included in the free offer". I ask her why its not, as it is
clearly NOT  on the list of products not included. I show her the list in
the ad, and it  matches the list on the sign on the display where the darn
Tropicana is  displayed, right with the 4/$11 Pepsi products."

Here, let me also make an analogy for you, using apples, oranges, and

I have a basket of apples and oranges.  On my basket, I have a sign that
say, "Fruit Products: 10 for 1.00.  Sale does not include Bananas"

Now, by looking at my basket, it is safe to assume that the apples and
oranges in my basket are 10 for 1.00, or 10 cents each.  It is also
reasonable to assume that Bananas are not 10 cents each.

So, you bring me 10 apples and 10 oranges.  BUT "Oh," I say, "Oranges are
not part of the sale, only apples!"

But you clearly want 10 cent oranges.  After all, the oranges were in the
basket that said 10 for 1.00.  Any my sign clearly said that only Bananas
were not included in the sale.  How, in any reasonable or even
semi-reasonable way did B Prentise "Manufacture" a problem?  He clearly
saw a display containing various Pepsi products.  The display clearly said
4 for 11 dollars.  The display clearly did NOT exclude the tropicana
manufacturing here was on Food Lion's part.

Now, if it was a problem with the stocker, then the stocker needs to be
re-trained, the management needs to verify that the stock labeled as being
on sale IS actually the correct stock to be on sale, and when mistakes are
made, the store needs to honor, within reason, the mistake and ensure that
their customer's are happy, and CORRECT the mistaken signage or display.

I don't know you, so I can't speak to your experience in managing retail
establishments, but I have enough experience in display, promotions and
management in that setting to know WHO ultimately is responsible for
incorrect signage, improper displays and so forth.  NOT the customer.  The

I also do not know Vicky, so I will not speak to her demeanor or anything
else, but did it ever occur to you that before firing off your defense of
her that:

A: she may have been having a bad day
B: she may well NOT be as nice as you think she is
C: she may have been distracted by other things
D: her manager may have put her in a bad situation by giving mixed signals
on how to resolve this?

Be that as it may, however, if she is, indeed a "Customer Service"
manager, her JOB is to service the customers.  She is above the level of
average cashier and carries FAR more responsibility as far as public
perception goes with the store.  SHE is the face of the store when
problems arise, and as Customer Service Manager, is responsible for
ensuring that the customer goes away happy enough to come back shopping

B Prentice wasn't swapping price tags, or anything like that, and if He
had gone about RESETTING the entire Pepsi sale display to include all
sorts of other Pepsi products, SOMEONE would have noticed.

Thus again, fault lies with Food Lion in this case.

 But if you want to drive to Sanford or Apex and try your tricks- please,
 please do so.

Nice... Really nice.  And again, let me say, and I do only say this
because I care...  decaf...  try decaf.

--------------------  8  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 16:01:10 -0400
From: "Sirls, Karen"
Subject: CARE and CC-CBA Burrito Bash with Live and Silent Auctions May
 12th- General Store Cafe

Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc. (C.A.R.E.) and Chatham County Concerned Bikers Association (CC-CBA) are hosting their 6th Annual Burrito Bash and Auction on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 from 6:00 - 9:00 PM at the General Store Café in downtown Pittsboro.  

A $15 donation will provide you a General Store dinner burrito, chips and salsa, and music provided by The Big Time Party Band.  Dinner and Silent Auction begins at 6:00 PM (Silent Auction closes at 7:15 PM), Live Auction begins at 7:30 PM.  

Visit C.A.R.E.'s burrito bash page on their website for auction donors as of April 1st and to purchase discounted tickets in advance for only $12 at outbind://348/ .  Advance tickets may be purchased in person at The General Store Cafe in Pittsboro or at McIntyre's Fine Books in Fearrington.  For more information, e-mail or call Karen Sirls at (919)...

--------------------  9  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 16:05:18 -0600
From: "Mary DeMare"
Subject: Plentys

Hi Calvin,

I appreciate your response to that story.  Unfortunately, it did sound like
Chatham Marketplace is printing its own money.  That's not the case, but I
completely understand why it sounded like that.  When I said "we" I was
referring to the members of the Plenty organization, which includes
individuals, stores, restaurants, other businesses, farmers, etc.

CM takes in payment the Plenty ( for products on our
shelves.  We use the Plenty to pay local vendors who accept it and provide
it as partial payroll, only if the employee specifically requests it.  If
staff do take it as partial payroll, we pay all the required state and
federal taxes on the payroll amount.

Thank you for being an owner of Chatham Marketplace and please let me know
if you have any questions or would like to talk more about this.


Mary DeMare

General Manager
Chatham Marketplace
480 Hillsboro Street, Ste 320
Pittsboro, NC  27312

--------------------  10  --------------------
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 16:35:06 EDT
Subject: Re: Chatham Chatlist #3391

Camera Repair: Try Southeast Camera in Carrboro, 933-7757. They do repairs
in their Raleigh store, but can give you some idea of what they can do.  
John Shillito

--------------------  11  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 06:31:12 -0400
From: Forrest Greenslade
Subject: Emergence

Emerging artists exhibit new works at Central Carolina Community College*

Carol Kroll started painting at a young age with a private teacher and
continued taking art classes through her teens. She later attended
Newark School of Fine And Industrial Art in New Jersey and graduated
with a diploma in textile design. For most of her adult life, She held a
successful career as a textile designer in the home furnishings
industry. Then she needed to redirect her life. Kroll is one of the
emerging artists showing their work at Emergence a show at the CCCC
Gallery in Siler City beginning with the Third Friday Art Walk on April
17th. Meet them at a reception from 6 to 9 PM. Emergence runs through
May 15th.

“I worked as a designer close to 30 years,” recalls Kroll. “I loved my
work and felt fortunate that I had a career I enjoyed and at which I was
good. My company relocated me to Burlington NC, and then had a major
restructuring, moving most of their operation to China. I soon
discovered that textile companies all over the country were doing the
same. Manufacturing and even the design were outsourced. That is when I
discovered CCCC and the Sustainable Agriculture program.”

Kroll soon conceived the idea of combining gardening and design,
creating beautiful sculpture using her home-grown gourds. ”I love
growing things, but my first love, art, kept tugging at me. I wondered
how I could combine them. The sculpture program at CCCC is helping me do
just that. I am sculpting the gourds I grow and through the Exhibit
Design class, I am learning how to get the exposure I need. I hope to
continue my studies in the sculpting program to learn about marketing my
work. Who knows where it could lead, I am still emerging.”

“What sets the CCCC Ceramic and Metal Sculpture program apart from other
professional arts and crafts programs is the inclusion of
entrepreneurial instruction that will assist in the planning, operation,
and marketing of a professional craft studio and gallery,” asserts
Phillip Ashe, the program’s director. “This program was created in
response to the expanding interest in pottery, sculpture, and
professional arts in the central region of North Carolina. Our students
in the Exhibit Design class are learning to display their work
professionally. This show is like their final exam.”

Holly Felice notes, “The CCCC program is a great way to jump-start an
arts career. I gained both the technical skills and the marketing know
how to live as an artist. The teachers give each student a lot of
personal attention.”Felice is a joyful young woman, known to whistle and
sing while creating her unique sculptures. However, she is stone serious
about two things – her art and recycling cast off objects. “I love
working with scrap, wondering what it can be. It’s inspiring rather than
intimidating, because I can experiment without fear of wasting some
expensive art material. Felice considers herself a mixed media artist.
“I want to learn everything about using wood, metal, clay, or glass –
whatever material tells the best story,” she explains.

Fellow sculptor Sharyn Walker has a degree in Graphic Design. After
working for several years as a two-dimensional artist, she took a CCCC
class in Welding for Artists, and fell in love at once with three
dimensional art, and working with metal. Her background in design is a
strong part of every sculpture she creates.. “My love for animals and
nature are usually reflected in my art, whether it is a rabbit,
dragonfly or a flower sculpture made out of old tractor or automobile
parts, found from a scrap yard. Creating art out of something once
vitally useful, but later discarded, gives her a sense of satisfaction
in holding on to things the way they used to be.”

Ceramic artist Faith Flowers says, “I am in love with clay! There is
just no other way to put it. When I am throwing at the wheel,
hand-building a piece, or altering a thrown piece; I slip into my own
little world. I feel centered - that all is right as I work on a piece.”
Flowers was a trained commercial Interior Designer, with many years of
experience. “After taking a six-year break, in which I became a Mom –
twice! - I started taking structured, serious clay classes at CCCC and
have never looked back. I know from this point on, I will always remain
in the clay. It is where I feel at home and alive. It is a part of me,
and I am a part of each of my pieces.”

For Trish Welsh, making pots started as a way to relax from the stresses
of her work as a clinical social worker because the process required
both my physical and mental energy, “I was able to focus on learning to
throw without the distraction of work. Eventually I traded psychotherapy
for pottery and began taking classes, first at Claymakers studio and
then enrolling in the pottery and sculpture program at CCCC.” Welsh’s
interest has been primarily in making functional ware and fits well with
her love for food and cooking. “I want the pots to function well and
look beautiful with the food on the table. I am inspired by the textures
and patterns found in my daily life like sand on the beach, bark on the
trees and ferns uncurling in the spring.”

Debora Motter explains, “Push, pull, squish, flatten and round back up
into a ball; I love the malleability of clay.” From childhood, Motter
has been creatively engaged with many media. Now stoneware and porcelain
happily exist in her artistic world. They get carved, plodded, pinched,
patted, and even thrown into realistic portraits, fantasy pieces or
various pottery objects. “How much will the clay let me manipulate it,
and what patinas are the most expressive of the shape beneath? These are
questions I enjoy exploring endlessly.”

Ruth Morgans makes wheel thrown pots that are often altered, paddled or
stamped and
occasionally hand built. She uses earth toned, layered glazes and slips
that respond serendipitously to atmospheric firing. She notes, ”It is my
goal as a potter to express the surprising convergence of functional,
funky and elegant while utilizing the capacity of clay to accommodate
extraordinary machinations, prods, and pulls. Ultimately, I want people
to have pots in their homes that they find beautiful and that can be
used in their everyday lives.”

Ruth Ella Brown recalls, “Six years ago I took a pottery class, and
immediately fell in love with clay and the unimaginable creative
opportunities the medium provides. I have since studied sculpture at
universities, and have taken workshops to gain techniques to transform a
large block of clay into an object of art or an original display.”
Brown’s sculptures are inspired from her everyday observations, with a
few abstract designs thrown in. “Sculpting faces that have worn features
showing their life journeys has become a way to stay connected with
folks whose life lines cross mine.”
Strange creatures inhabit the mind of Dr. Forrest Greenslade. His
whimsical sculptures, which he calls Forrest DwellersSM, are derived
from a life-long love of nature and mythology. Greenslade’s work is
highly stylized, bounding on cartoonish. His sculptures are enhanced
with innovative coatings and patinas producing color, texture and an
illusion of movement. “I want people to experience motion and emotion in
my art,” Greenslade asserts, “so my faces are seldom symmetrical and my
figures just can’t stand still.” Greenslade’s use of materials is
eclectic. “Because of my scientific training, I tend to be experimental
in my choice of media,” he explains. “I use metal, concrete, clay,
acrylics, wood, found objects.” Greenslade stresses, “I gain greatly
from the CCCC program, the teachers provide both technical and
conceptual guidance, and the feedback and camaraderie of fellow students
is a joy.”

The Professional Arts and Crafts Program
( in clay and metal
sculpture has a unique design and location. The program, the only one of
its kind in North Carolina, was developed to teach artistic skills in
pottery, clay sculpture, and metal sculpture. The course work in the
Sculpture Program concentrates on the development of skills in clay and
metal. Emphasis is placed on hands-on training. Courses in design,
pottery, metal and clay sculpture, and basic welding give students
needed fundamentals in this creative art form. Additional classes
provide students with training in metal casting, glaze formulation, kiln
design and construction, and advanced artistic design. Students can
become a part of an arts community when enrolled in the CCCC program.
Located in an historic building in downtown Siler City, NC, the
facilities are newly renovated and feature gas and electric kilns.

For more information contact Phillip Ashe (phone: (919) 742-4156, email:

Forrest C. Greenslade. PhD, DTM
Artist, Writer, Speaker
President, Chatham Artists Guild

--------------------  12  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 09:19:11 -0400
From: "dbonin"
Subject: Chatham County Business Leads Group

Change of Meeting Place for the Chatham County Business Leads Group. This
will be a one time change & will be held at Unity Books / Espresso Brazil at
April 14, 2009 8:00 AM Tues. Location 80 Hillsboro St. Pittsboro NC 27312
Call Janice at 545-0619. The leads group is breaking attendance records so
please arrive early. All are welcome and the 1st time is FREE.


--------------------  13  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 09:57:56 -0400
From: "Darcey Moore"
Subject: JV Baseball Defeats County Rival Jordan Matthews 12-4 Thursday evening

The JV Baseball team defeated county rival Jordan Matthews 12-4 Thursday
evening here at NHS. John Wieland got the win on the mound as he pitched
four innings, allowed no earned runs and struck out 9 Jets. Andrew Jones
pitched three strong innings and struck out 4 to close the game out.
Bryant Hackney led the JV Chargers at the plate as he collected three
hits and three RBIs on the day, including a bases clearing triple.
Dalton Brown added two hits, 2 runs, and 2 RBIs, while Andrew Jones and
Chris Runyan also had two hits, a run, and an RBI. Ethan Stubbs added a
double and 2 RBIs, and Conner Lawrence scored 2 runs and added a hit on
the afternoon. Evan Dixon had a nice game on the day as well as he
collected one hit, stole 2 bases, scored a team high three runs, and had
one RBI. Landice Barber also had a hit on the afternoon. Russ Smith had
a key RBI in the game.

The Charger defense was on display as well as Matt Gould made a run
saving play up the middle, and Travis Blanchard made a tough catch on a
foul ball by the fence. All JV Chargers played in the game.

Dr. Jason "Brent" Cooper
Doctorate of Educational Leadership
UNC-Chapel Hill, 2008
Master's of School Administration
UNC-Chapel Hill, 2004
Bachelor's of Education-Secondary Social Studies
UNC-Chapel Hill, 1996

Northwood High School(Chatham County Schools)
Assistant Principal
919 548 5274 (cell)
919 542 4181 (office)
919 542 4934 (fax)

--------------------  14  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 09:58:45 -0400
From: "Darcey Moore"
Subject: Varsity Baseball Defeats DSA 14-1 Thursday night

Led by the strong starting pitching of Jon Polak, and the strong relief
pitching of Russell Parks and Bradley Jeffries, the Varsity Baseball
team defeated DSA Thursday night 14-1. Bradley Jeffries had three hits
including his first home run of the season, while Austin Brice also
homered and doubled on the night. Zach Groves had two hits, including a
double, and Clay Martin added a double and three RBIs.

The Varsity Baseball team plays 4A South View at 1pm Saturday in the
First Round of the James Hoyt Invitational at Douglas Byrd High School
in Fayetteville. If you would like directions to Douglas Byrd, please
email Coach Parks, tparks, and he can provide directions to you as the
Chargers play at Douglas Byrd Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. Good luck
to the Varsity Baseball team in this tournament.

Dr. Jason "Brent" Cooper

--------------------  15  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 10:00:05 -0400
From: "Darcey Moore"
Subject: Lady Chargers Softball Defeats Conference Rival Cedar Ridge 13-4 Tuesday night

The Lady Chargers Varsity Softball team defeated conference rival Cedar
Ridge Tuesday night April 7th 13-4 at Cedar Ridge. Carrie Webster earned
the win on the mound scattering 4 runs and 4 hits while striking out 9
Lady Red Wolves on the night. Lauren Oldham led the Lady Chargers at the
plate as she collected three hits, including 2 triples, and scored two
runs on the night. Christa Surles added two hits, a double and a triple,
and led the Lady Chargers with three runs scored on the night. Carrie
Webster added two hits, a single and a double, and scored two runs.
Kaitlyn Briggs also had two hits on the night. Padgett Harrington,
Lauren Glosson, and Desi Medina also had hits on the night. Glosson and
Medina scored two runs, while Lauren Martin and Keeley Skinner scored
one run a piece for the Lady Chargers.

The Lady Chargers resume conference play when we return from Spring

--------------------  16  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 10:00:53 -0400
From: "Darcey Moore"
Subject: Lady Chargers Varsity Softball Goes Undefeated in Charger Invitational

The Lady Charger Varsity Softball team went undefeated in last weekend's
Lady Charger Softball Invitational.

In their game with county rival Chatham Central, the Lady Chargers bats
were scorching in a 9-3 victory over the Lady Bears. Padgett Harrington
led the Lady Chargers at the plate with 4 hits, 4 singles on the day and
2 RBIs. Carrie Webster added 3 hits, three singles, 2 runs and 2 RBIs.
Sabrina Bonomolo also collected three hits in the game, two singles and
a double, and scored a run. Lauren Martin added 2 singles, while Kaitlyn
Briggs, Keeley Skinner, and Kerri Snipes also had hits on the day.
Lauren Martin earned the win on the mound as she struck out six Lady
Bears in the game.

In the nightcap, the Lady Chargers rode the shut out pitching of Carrie
Webster to a 7-0 win over 4A Northern Durham. Webster allowed only 3
hits and struck out 10 in the game. Webster also led the Lady Chargers
at the plate as she hit a home run and double and scored two runs.
Christa Surles had two hits as well, a single and a double, and scored
two runs. Lauren Oldham contributed a double and scored two runs.
Padgett Harrington, Kaitlyn Briggs, and Lauren Glosson also had hits for
the Lady Chargers. Amanda Dickens scored a run for the Lady Chargers as

Congrats to the Lady Chargers as they begin to gain momentum toward what
we all hope is a lengthy run in the 2A State Playoffs which are just
around the corner in early May.

--------------------  17  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 10:04:49 -0400
From: "Pamela S. Kuder, DDS"
Subject: Need Have-A-Heart trap


I am in need of a Have-A-Heart trap large enough to capture a raccoon.  I am
looking to borrow or purchase.  Please e-mail me.



--------------------  18  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 14:24:00 -0400
From: "John Dykers, MD"
Subject: liquor for by the drink t be bought at  local ABC stores

REALLY good question! I don't know enough about the distributor, wholesale, direct pricing system to have any clue what the ramifications are. I'll bet some chatlisters know.
John Dykers

--------------------  19  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 14:50:02 -0400
From: "John Dykers, MD"
Subject: Plenty

Calvin Oxendine touches on the whole concept of "currency" ranging from wampum to the recent Chinese cal for a new international currency. Currency represents time, energy, talent, and the effort it took to express those usefully enough to have been paid. Currency should be a storage place for those qualities so they may be exchanged when and where the possessor of the currency wishes. All of that is based on faith and confidence. Even commodities such as gold vary in the value we place on them and other commodities vary in their capacity to be stored and the cost of doing so.
Currency has a basic dichotomy. It's first value is if it is moving around rapidly because we have confidence in recieving more and that is a prosperous economy producing lots of goods and services; when we lose that confidence we have a sluggish economy that produces fewere goods and services. If money move rapidly because it is losing value because it is being printed without representing produced goods and  services, that is ruinous inflation. Because the other funciton of currency is to store up enoughvalue that we can put a bunch of it together and do big projects, like build a school or a dam or a water treatment plant, or an electricity generator or a space station.

--------------------  20  --------------------
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 20:48:28 -0400
From: adam feher
Subject: LOST DOG: Our dog is lost from our Hamlet Chapel Rd area home.

Friday evening, out dog, Berry, escaped from our fenced yard off of Hamlet
Chapel Rd.  She is a black mut that sort of looks like a small lab.  Her fur
looks faded as it is brown around her hind legs and chest.  She is very
sweet with doppy brown eyes and is wearing a red collar.  Our dog is very
nice, approachable and has never bitten anybody, we really hope she will
come back to us.  If you have seen her or can catch her please call me.

Our house is on A Mountain View which is off of Hamlet Chapel Road near
Parker Herndon Rd.

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