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Written by Gene Galin   
Friday, 30 May 2008
This digest contains the following messages:

  1. Chatlist Membership database cleanup this week  
  2. carwash  
  3. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
  4. Donkeys as guards-cons  
  5. Pottery classes/seminars?  
  6. Andy's Breakfast fundraiser!!  
  7. RE: Ellen's Swimming Question  
  8. 504 plans  
  9. RE: Chatham Chatlist #3136  
  10. Unmanageable and dangerous dogs  
  11. IEP/504 Navigation  
  12. Just to prove a dang point !  
  13. Builder Recommendations  
  14. Public talk on Coal and Nuclear Issues in NC  
  15. fundraiser for Chatham Cares Community Pharmacy  
  16. McDonald's  
  17. Those pesky ticks  
  18. Terminex information  

--------------------  1  --------------------
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 16:48:57 -0400
From: "Gene"
Subject: Chatlist Membership database cleanup this week

I will be doing a chatlist membership database cleanup this week.

That means that I will be removing any email addresses with multiple "bounce backs" from the database.

I like to keep a current and clean database and do this every couple of months.

It is also very likely that once the cleanup is completed we will have over 2,600 members.

Note to potential chatlist sponsors. This means our sponsorship rate will go up to $13 per daily chatlist starting next month.

We will retain the 5 sponsorships for $50.

Anyone who has made or makes a sponsorship commitment by May 31 will retain the $12 per daily sponsorship rate for the committed dates.

Gene Galin

Chatlist Moderator

--------------------  2  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 05:42:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: Robin Luker
Subject: carwash

There will be a carwash at Advanced Auto in Pittsboro on Saturday, May 31st. The carwash is being put on by some Northwood students trying to raise money for the Cross family, whose son went to Northwood and passed away in March. Mom has had a rough time dealing with his death and still has not returned to work, so bills are piling up.  If you have any questions please call 919-624-1963 or 919-642-0365. They will be starting about 9 am and will be charging $10.00 per vehicle.

--------------------  3  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 06:29:24 -0400 (EDT)

I am willing to discuss space for use twice a month. I have a down town office which may work.

Let me know if you are interested.


--------------------  4  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 06:58:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: jaye
Subject: Donkeys as guards-cons

I read the very good post about donkeys and I would add that if you are considering them, that you Google "donkey care" first so you know what's involved. I have horses, a llama and a mule and I think donkey care would be similar. For instance, it must have its feet trimmed regularly, shots twice a year, regular worming and cannot be out on too much grass in the spring or get too much grain. I have to lock my feed room because my animals will just lift the latch and walk in and open the bin. You should either have a trailer or a vet who will make a farm call. Usually a vet visit costs a minimum of around $100, even if it is a simple thing like an eye infection [which is actually not such a simple thing]. There is a learning curve with any animal, but this type of animal can be more fragile if there is an error in care.


Note to all Chatham Animal Lovers -

I have forwarded a copy of this post to the Chatham Animal Lovers group at

We have 50 members. If you are all about animals please join us.

Gene Galin
Chatlist Moderator

--------------------  5  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 07:32:01 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Pottery classes/seminars?

My wife has expressed interest in learning to throw clay.  Due to her work schedule, she can't really take any of the classes that are offered at CCCC, so what we were hoping to find are places in or around Chatham county that do one or two day seminars, or classes that are based on a "Pay as you go" kind of system.  That way she could learn pottery and not have to worry about signing up for a class that she'd end up missing half of due to work schedules...

So we are looking for places that offer either weekend or single day seminar type classes for people who have never thrown before, or places that offer beginner instruction on a class by class basis so she can schedule classes or lessons around work.

Any suggestions?


--------------------  6  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 10:02:16 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
From: Julie
Subject: Andy's Breakfast fundraiser!!

Please post!

Andy's will be serving Breakfast in PBO on Sat AM, the 31st!! $5. gets you a beverage,three big pancakes and bacon or sausage! this is a deal, Chathamites- and the best part is Andy's is putting this on as a Fundraiser for Woods Charter Playground equipment!  As many of you know, Woods is a public, tuition free k-12 school, soon to be in their new home off Andrew's store rd.  It's up to our school to cover the costs of the building structure/playground, etc, so we're working like crazy to get funds for the kids of Chatham. Please come out and enjoy a great breakfast!
Thank you- Julie Cummins

--------------------  7  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 10:58:45 -0400
From: "Rita Marley-McKenzie"
Subject: RE: Ellen's Swimming Question

Here is a fabulous option for your children this summer!  

Our Neighborhood School is holding swim camps this summer! Your children will be able to swim (and learn new swimming techniques) in a beautiful shaded private pool with waterfalls. The pool has a very low chlorine content (due to the constantly moving water via the falls), so, your child will not be exposed to high levels of chemicals. Also, there will be a trained instructor (ie. constant lifeguard) keeping your child's safety in mind at all times. Call Donna at 601-6718 or 545-0900 for more information or visit the website:

They have lots of other great camps this summer, too: Build & Race a Solar Car, Build a Tree Fort, Art & Literature, Drama, Photography, Multiplication Fun, and swimming!!

Check it out!!!

--------------------  8  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 11:08:09 -0400
From: Dan Cahoon
Subject: 504 plans

Shawn, I am in the same situation with one of my children. He is disabled and as a result has difficulty with the current method of education at his school. I am a teacher and so well versed in the laws that protect individuals with disabilities (not to mention having a child with a disability). Chatham county has a dismal record in the area of assistance for children with disabilities. Many rural and low income counties have the same problem. They just don't have the money to serve those that don't "fit". As a result, their learning problems are ignored, their physical needs are ignored and they suffer.
Chatham has a new superintendent who has pledged to me that he will try to address these issues and create some new programs that will help the less advantaged in our community. He has a background in special education and knowing that makes me feel that he is sincere and qualified to enact change in the way things are done in our schools.
I am hoping that he can make a difference before my disabled son totally gives up on school and learning in general. There are other issues for my son, such as bullying and teasing that have not been adequately addressed by the principal or his teachers. In addition to disturbing social issues in my son's classroom, there are testing issues that put all students at risk of painful failure and useless test preparation.

The problem with Chatham county and all counties in NC is that our state has switched from a developmental model for delivering the curriculum to a standards based curriculum. The basic theory is that if one raises the bar then the learners will rise to the occasion. As an experienced teacher I can say that those children who would do well anyway on standardized testing do rise to the occasion but those with learning difficulties get left behind. This is an issue related to No Child Left Behind, an unfunded federal mandate that proposes 100% passing rates for students by 2014, an unstainable and in my opinion absurd proposition. You can't have 100% of anything, especially not when the tests are biased, the curriculum is constantly in flux and teachers are overwhelmed with useless paperwork. I have been told that the situation can't be changed. I don't accept that notion, not when I know how much of an impact my teaching has upon my charges. We can change this. It may take a court challenge however to force local education authorities to allocate the funds for this type of change.
Chatham county may need to put more money into afterschool programs and tutoring as well as provide art, science and life skills opportunities for the whole learner.

I understand that money is tight. Chatham is poor. However, I don't think our local school system has a plan to help children with disabilities. Our school system is concentrating on raising arbitrary and statistically useless test scores instead. The only entities who benefit from this behavior are the beaurocrats and politicians who just want it all to look good.

I hope that your child finds what he or she needs in Chatham county.
Unfortunately, our county does not have a good plan for "504" students.
The most they will voluntarily change is the way tests are administered for individuals with disabilities. I can tell with full confidence that there is more to learning than passing an end of grade test. It is sad that the test has become the only thing that matters to our education leaders. There is some growth that can't be measured or quantified and until teachers are once again given the time and resources to meet those needs your child and my child will left out in the cold.
Join my organization One Day!. It is free and non-confrontational (so far). The more parents that get together, the better the chances that local education can and will improve. We could change the whole system with one day. One day our culture and government will invest as much in children as we do in war, sports, oil, elections, entertainment etc.
One day we will take our schools back from the beaurocrats.
Good luck with your child. My hint, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Don't hesitate to demand quality instruction, facilities and attention for your child. Use the courts if you have to. Federal law is on your child's side.

Dan Cahoon
72 Ruby Red
Moncure, NC 27559


--------------------  9  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 11:14:01 -0400
From: "Debbie Roos"
Subject: RE: Chatham Chatlist #3136


I appreciate your questions. Most crop insurance programs are designed for commodity growers producing just a few crops on large acreage. These programs are not designed for our diversified growers who often grow 75-100 different crops throughout the growing season. The USDA's Risk Management Agency recently developed an insurance program for smaller diversified growers, but to date these programs have not proven cost effective for most small growers.

I have asked my friend and colleague Scott Marlow of Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI-USA), based here in Pittsboro, to share his insights into crop insurance. Scott has worked extensively in the areas of crop insurance and disaster assistance.

Thanks for your concern and support of our farmers, Debbie

Debbie Roos
Agricultural Extension Agent
Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
North Carolina State University
North Carolina Cooperative Extension
Chatham County Center
Growing Small Farms Website:
Post Office Box 279
Pittsboro, NC 27312
Phone: 919.542.8202    Fax: 919.542.8246

Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 15:14:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Robert Sprenger
Subject: What The Hail Was That....!?

I sometimes wonder where the State/Federal Crop Insurance programs stand
today....especially for small local producers.
  Is it available? Is it affordable? Is it responsive? Is it invasive?
Is it worth it?
  Should We Self Insure Our Own Local Growers?
  Hail often makes a perfectly usable mature crop "unmarketable" because
of blemishes and appearance. Want to help? Go buy it anyways.

--------------------  10  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 08:20:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kit Donner
Subject: Unmanageable and dangerous dogs

Dan -
  Good luck with both getting your life back together, and with hopefully doing something responsible about your unmanageable dogs.
  You may not want to hear my suggestions, if so stop reading now.
  I recommend that you call Chatham County Animal Control and ask them to pick up the dogs as surrenders (not strays) and give the Animal Control Officer a candid history of the problems.
  I love dogs, and I wish they all got the chance that they deserve. But dogs that bite people and kill animals are too much of a risk. For anybody. The next logical step from a dog's point of view is killing a baby or a small child. Or almost killing a child. Or a frail or otherwise helpless adult even. Especially when there is more than one dog. The child runs and squeals and isn't nearly as hard to catch as a squirrel. Dogs that kill are more dangerous to humans than wolves. You admit that you are not successful at restraining the dogs but even if you (or someone else) were able to guarantee that the dogs never left your (or their) property that would not guarantee that there would never be a child or frail adult that was at risk.
  You could also accomplish the same thing by taking the dogs to a veterinarian and giving him / her the same information. But that would require you to transport the dogs and possibly handle the dogs in a possibly crowded waiting room.
  You might even find a veterinarian that would make a house call under the circumstances, but I think Animal Control would be a better choice. Animal Control has the right training and equipment and experience using it.
  I would offer to pick up the dogs and spare you the trauma of knowing what is going to happen to them, except that I can't take the risk of having them kill a child while they were in my custody however temporarily.
  I will probably get a lot of negative responses to this posting, but I would rather deal with people angry at me because I was willing to speak up, than read about a dead or mutilated child because I was afraid to speak up.
  Please understand that it saddens me greatly that the situation was allowed to get to this point, but no one can turn back the clock and do now what should have been done the first time a human was bitten or an animal was killed. So there aren't any better choices left anymore.
  If any reader ever has a dog that bites a person or kills a cat, another dog, poultry, livestock, or any similar animal, get the best professional help you can right away! Don't make excuses. Don't try to fix the problem by trial and error. Don't wait until it is too late. If you are unable or unwilling to make sure that the dog learns thoroughly and immediately that biting humans or killing domestic animals is always totally unacceptable, then you need to take the only other solution and call Animal Control or your veterinarian (or do the job yourself if you can do it safely and humanely).



Note to all Chatham Animal Lovers -

I have forwarded a copy of this post to the Chatham Animal Lovers group at

We have 50 members. If you are all about animals please join us.

Gene Galin
Chatlist Moderator

--------------------  11  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 11:28:39 -0400
From: "Rita Marley-McKenzie"
Subject: IEP/504 Navigation

This is in response to the person who needs help with IEP/504:

Chatham County Together has a Family Advocate program that helps
families navigate the IEP/504 process and helps to locate services for
your child. Call them at 542-5155.

CCT! is also our local mentoring program. There are many at-risk
children in this county that need your help. Please take a moment to
view their website. Financial donations can be made directly from their
website, too.  

Thanks! Rita.

--------------------  12  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 11:41:36 -0400
From: "Mark Stinson"
Subject: Just to prove a dang point !

   It never fails to amaze me how people that move in this area do not know their behind from their head when it comes to where they are .  The bus wreck on 902 was on TV ,, it was stated it was in Bear Creek ,, but in fact it was in the Hickory Grove community less than a mile from the Hickory Grove Baptist Church .  The arts incubator has a event stated in Bear Creek ,, 8.5 Miles down Siler City Glendon Rd ,, Unless Bear Creek has annexed ,, Hickory Grove ,, then annexed Harpers Cross Roads ,, its in Harpers Cross Roads . If you go down Siler City Glendon 8.5 miles your in the Harpers Cross Roads community . If you go thought Harpers on Siler City you don't run back into Bear Creek ,, you go to Glendon , Red Hill  and several other communities in that direction .    I have said this before and I will say it again ,, if you haven't lived here all your life don't open your mouth until you learn to speak with the natives ,,,
  If you are going to argue the point ,, I am less than one mile from Bear Creek Baptist Church ,, we ,, all of the neighbors are in Bear Creek community ,, but ,, I am in the Gulf township according to the maps ,, if you go by old townships ,, the county isn't cut out correctly according to the comminutes names .  In any event ,,life long members of these communities aren't happy about having their neighborhoods moved around by misnaming them .

--------------------  13  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 12:34:45 -0400
From: "Chris Gandy"
Subject: Builder Recommendations

We are looking to build an addition to our home and renovate a portion
of the existing home.  Any recommendations for good local builders?

--------------------  14  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 12:59:06 -0400
From: "John Bonitz"
Subject: Public talk on Coal and Nuclear Issues in NC

Chatham County Democratic Women Present

Coal and Nuclear Energy Issues in North Carolina

Public talk by Jim Warren of NC WARN on Sunday, June 8 at 3 p.m. at
CCCC in Pittsboro and sponsored by the Environmental Issues Committee
of the Chatham County Democratic Women. This is the first of a
two-part series on Energy in North Carolina.  For more information
contact Kathy Seaton (, or Barb Alotis

John Bonitz
Silk Hope, NC

--------------------  15  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 13:18:04 -0400
From: "chatham cares"
Subject: fundraiser for Chatham Cares Community Pharmacy

Chatham Cares Community Pharmacy is sponsoring a fund raiser for the free
pharmacy to support the needed medications for the low income,
non-insured,and underinsured residents of Chatham County.

Friday June 6, 2008 at the Western Chatham Senior Center 112 Village Lake
Rd. Siler City, N.C. Time will be from 7:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.

The fund raiser will be a Bluegrass-Gospel Sing Featuring the Rocky River
Ramblers and New Direction. Tickets purchased at door $10.00.

Hors d'oeuvres by Ava Rives and door prizes to be given away. We need your

Chatham Cares Pharmacy 919-663-0177 for any information.

--------------------  16  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 14:24:21 -0400
From: Lauren Craig
Subject: McDonald's

Ok, has anyone else noticed that we are getting a MCDONALD'S beside the Lowes on 15-501? I don't want a McDonald's in Pittsboro. Many of you probably don't want a McDonald's in Pittsboro. Carrboro has a moratorium on fast-food chains in town. Please--let's band together and keep that intersection from becoming a fast-food pit of despair--sucking the money out of our town and making us all fat! Are you with me?
-Lauren Craig

--------------------  17  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 18:26:08 GMT
From: ""
Subject: Those pesky ticks

  I am writing after reading about "tick sticks".  One other method of slowing the little suckers down is to wrap duct tape inside out around the ankles.  I have read that in California they drag white,light weight fabric down the foot paths to collect the ticks and then burn the fabric.
I use sevin dust around the perimeter of the house and on my paths throughout the yard.  I also spray a deet bug spray on my shoes and clothes.   Also, eat more garlic! The sucking bugs are rampant this year along with the chiggers-flowers of sulphur (available at most drug stores-just ask the pharmacist if you don't see it)or kerosene sprinkled around the cuffs of pants and sleeves is a helpful deterrent.  Chiggers are soft bodied and can be squashed, but they always seem to find the most tender close spots around the waist or panty line.
                                Happy scratching!   

--------------------  18  --------------------
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 18:13:40 EDT
Subject: Terminex information

Those who use Terminex need to have the following  information.  There are
two Terminex franchisees working in Chatham County  but only one is local and
has a  strong customer service orientation.  
I recently called to make a name change in two long-term  contracts (25 and 7
years) on two  houses with the intention of adding a  third.  I thought a
mere name change on the computer was necessary;  however,  I was treated
according to the franchisee's policy, as a  "new" customer, which meant being charged
Yes, $1,000.  My houses were measured as if Terminex had never  seen them
before even though they had recently been serviced.  Because of  this outrageous
and unnecessary charge, I faxed a complaint letter to the  President of
Terminex.  This resulted in a telephone call from the  Raleigh-based franchise owner
Jim Haughe.
Mr. Haughe proceeded to chastise me in an  incredibly rude and obnoxious
manner, telling me that he "had no idea  what was going on with my houses" and he
"was not going to  change his policy for me".  Duhhhh, he had been servicing
them,  so if he didn't know what was going on, then I have been paying for
nothing for  a long time.  I told him I didn't fall off a turnip truck the day
before,  whereupon he told me "to try and get  your money back and take your  
business somewhere else."
At the end of this abuse, I asked, out of curiosity, if there  were a
discount for multiple houses, whereupon he replied that there is "if  you are a new
customer" and I replied that "I am a new  customer."  I think he is the one who
fell off the turnip  truck.
Lesson learned, don't deal with a rude, obnoxious man who has  more business
than he needs and does not want your business.
There is an alternative and that is the other local franchise for  Terminex,
Barney Hardin, who is accommodating and wants  your business.  He is
professional, customer oriented, I  recommend changing to his franchise when your
contracts come up for renewal  - if not sooner.  
I am taking my business to him and suggest that since Chatham  County is his
territory (he does a lot of work for Fitch in Fearrington  Village), that he
deserves our support rather than someone like Jim Haughe from  Raleigh who
Barney Hardin of Terminex can be reached at  336/736-7875 or 919/545-2378.  
At least you won't be  treated as if you were a squashed
turnip....................Janet  .
Janet  Jones-Parker Doublier
919/696-4485 mobile

_www.JanetJonesParker.com_ (
_www.jonesparkerstarr.com_ (

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1. 26-06-2008 10:27
New toy store in Pittsboro
Hi all- 
I wanted to let everyone know that there is a new toy store open at 88 West Street, next door to Rosemary House. 
We just got in some beautiful toys made from recycled oak by Pittsboro craftsman Ralph Evans. All of our toys have been tested for safety or are locally handmade. And we're open M-F 10:30-5:30, Sat. 10-5. 
Please stop by!
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2. 06-06-2008 10:02
Pittsboro Toys Grand Opening
Hi all- 
Pittsboro Toys is having its Grand Opening tomorrow, June 7, from 10:30-5. Refreshments will be served! 
We are at 88 West Street, next door to Rosemary House. 
We will also have a sale on some of our handmade wooden toys tomorrow. 
We feature handmade and eco-friendly toys. Our brands include Melissa & Doug, Gund, ALEX, and more. 
Please come by! 
-Samantha at Pittsboro Toys
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