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Written by Gene Galin   
Sunday, 29 July 2007
This digest contains the following messages:

1. ringworm
2. The proposed mall
3. architect
4. The MALL
5. Cheery shopping center?? lol
6. Re: Chatham Chatlist #2874
7. Embarq - Again!
8. Last Week's Hottest Bulletin Board Topics
9. feral cat spaying and neutering
10. AT&T service
11. Pittsboro Place
12. Cheery shopping centers
13. Re: Pittsboro Place a Good Idea
14. Manure
15. Pittsboro Place..... NOT
16. What's this Kitten's Story? --------------------  1  --------------------
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 16:00:32 EDT
Subject: ringworm

My adult son took in a feral mother cat and her 5 kittens.  Had the  mother
neutered and took the kittens to the vet for shots, etc.  The  kittens had
ringworm and he is now treating them for it.  As a result, he  and his wife now
have ringworm and the information he got on the internet stated  that he would
have to rip up all the carpet in his house, reupholster his  furniture and wipe
down all the surfaces in his house with bleach.  Does  this sound correct???  
ps:  anybody want a darling kitten (or 5) that are up-to-date on their  shots
and very healthy.....minus the ringworm?  They have been  socialized to live
with humans and are very loving.
Thanks for the information!

--------------------  2  --------------------
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 14:20:03 -0400
From: "McCorkle, Donna" <>
Subject: The proposed mall

Maybe they should put the proposed mall adjoining Steve Candalori's
property ... that way he won't even have to drive his car to go bowling.
Peace out.

--------------------  3  --------------------
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 08:43:19 -0400
From: "allen baddour" <>
Subject: architect


Give Taylor Hobbs a call - he and his dad have offices in the Mill, behind
the Marketplace.


-- Best, Allen Baddour -------------------- 4 -------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 11:19:21 -0400 (GMT-04:00) From: jaye <> Subject: The MALL It is hard for me to understand how anyone who has seen the plans for the proposed MALL and heard the sales pitch can be in favor. Growth is Good. Obliterating Pittsboro is NOT Good. For instance, the developers want a 4-lane hwy out to the by-pass to handle all the traffic, but swear that "traffic in town would Not Be Affected". Clearly there is some magical thinking going on. Another thing; Is everyone aware that this mall would be under construction for 15 years? and that they hope to bring in 3000-4000 employees? Man, if you want to see change, let this rezoning for the mall get voted in and you will get more than you bargained for. I hope that everyone who is writing on the Chatlist about their concerns attends the Monday night meeting at 7PM at the courthouse in the circle. I went last Monday and the feeling of community was heartening. Let's show, in person, how much this issue means to us. ps. the statistics provided by the developers to plead their case were incorrect and misleading. I leave the details of that subject to someone who knows more of the specifics. -------------------- 5 -------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 10:34:07 -0500 From: <> Subject: "Cheery shopping center?? lol" Quote ACE: "I for one am not either for or against it but I know I do not and I repeat do not want more industry. Who wants to look at industrial buildings that don't benefit everyone as a whole. I don't. I rather see a cheery shopping center. " Don't want industry that don't benefit everyone? How about JOBS? How about the people who work in those buildings...they certainly benefit. CLEAN industry would be nice. What "industry" employs you, Ace? Some nice looking building in RTP? CARY? We need industry....that pays something othrer than minimum wage in a "retail" setting. Cheery shopping center...I had to laugh. I'm just not one who gets a kick out of the "cheery" appearance of a warm and fuzzy shopping mall. I shop....for necessity, not for pleasure or fun....and the fact that so many of our kids do speaks volumes for where this countries head is at. I think the above quote also speaks volumes for the type of person Chatham Co. is now attracting. Meg -------------------- 6 -------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 12:35:35 -0400 From: "Mark Stinson" <> Subject: Re: Chatham Chatlist #2874 My Uncle ,, David Jones ,, semi retired ,, been drafting in autocad and other various means ,, industrial , residential and landscape :) He will fix you up ,, 1 919 467 8615 tell him his nephew that plays with lightning send ya :) Mark -------------------- 7 -------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 14:36:49 -0400 From: "Pets To Posies" <> Subject: Embarq - Again! Have all of you Embarq customers checked your phone bill lately? It seems that they're now charging us nearly $3.00 more a month for the poor service rendered. This is in addition to the steadily increasing costs that have already been added in past year or so. This is their reason for the increase (taken verbatim from our latest phone bill): "NON-REGULATED Charges marked with this symbol reflect non-regulated services or equipment such as voice mail, inside wire maintenance, wireless service, internet service, or 900/976 calling. Your local phone service, local toll and long distance services cannot be disconnected for failure to pay these charges (note: marked with a symbol not on my keyboard). As with toll and long distance services, providers of non-regulated services may discontinue availability and may pursue collection of any unpaid amounts." Since we don't have voice mail, wireless with them, don't use 900 numbers &, according to what I've been told, if we have a problem with inside wiring, it's up to us to take care of it anyway, then I guess we're just being charged more for having to use their disgustingly slow lines for our internet service. We rarely make or receive a land-line call & the internet is the only reason to have Embarq at the moment. I am really ticked that they have no competition and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do if we want a land-line. Disconnecting Embarq altogether is looking more & more attractive to me! -------------------- 8 -------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 15:06:57 -0400 From: "Gene" <> Subject: Last Week's Hottest Bulletin Board Topics Last week's Hottest Bulletin Board Topics 1. Pittsboro Place - Who's to Blame? (Read 2992 times) at 2. Siler City mayoral race (Read 2330 times) at 3. Chris Bradshaw Declares For PBO Mayor Race (Read 1334 times) at 4. HS - Tour points out needs at Northwood High School (Read 858 times) at 5. Students handing out flyers FOR Pittsboro Place? (Read 827 times) at 6. Mixed Use Project Needs Catchy Name (Read 706 times) at 7. The Coalition Will Try Another Slate Ticket (Read 601 times) at 8. "Pittsboro Place" Could Leave Pittsboro DISplaced (Read 594 times) at 9. Pittsboro Place public hearing continues on Monday (Read 512 times) at 10. LTT Lives! (Read 412 times) at 11. 19,000 new homes in the next 13 years? (Read 364 times) at Chatham County Schools Bulletin Board 1. Is this straight MEG! (Read 1171 times) at 2. Winstead leaving Northwood?? (Read 1027 times) at 3. Who is the Worst Board of Ed member? (Read 868 times) at 4. how to improve things for ALL our kids and their futures. (Read 681 times) at 5. Chatham Schools Personnel Changes Announced (Read 475 times) at 6. Who is the Best Board of Ed member? (Read 435 times) at 7. Public Hearing about Woods Charter School Financing (Read 416 times) at 8. Let's look at the numbers. Why don't we? (Read 403 times) at 9. Question for discussion regarding McManus... (Read 259 times) at 10. Board of Education Meeting Agenda - 7/23/07 (Read 83 times) at -------------------- 9 -------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 15:55:21 -0400 From: "Joy Hewett" <> Subject: feral cat spaying and neutering Besides the low income spaying and neutering for pets, it would be nice to have a cheap place to go for feral cats, too. I've paid to neuter 4 feral cats I feed regularly now, but now there's a mother with teenager who are coming to join the party. It gets expensive to neuter extra animals, that is if I can catch them--and I am hoping by feeding them, I can get them friendly enough to be socialized--two of the formerly feral cats can be petted, and one lets me touch her while she's eating--after two years of acting like I'm an axe murderer because I caught her and got her spayed--If they're touchable does that make them still considered feral? Anyway, I think more people would try to catch the wilder cats and get them fixed if there were a cheap place to take them--and that would do a lot to trim down feral colonies. -------------------- 10 -------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 19:59:23 -0400 From: Kristan Shimpi <> Subject: AT&T service My husband wants to get an iPhone. What is the AT&T service like in Chatham Co? Kristan
-- ********************************************************** Kristan - Her's what last's year's "Best of Chatham Survey" showed about the Best wireless service in Chatham County They all suck Honorable mentions Alltel, Sprint GEne Galin Chatlist Moderator *********************************************************** -------------------- 11 -------------------- Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 08:49:20 EDT From: Subject: Pittsboro Place Pittsboro Place....sounds lovely! Until, that is, you see what is being proposed. As a resident of Chatham County, I don't mind driving to Cary, Apex or Southpoint to shop. In fact, I like the idea that I have to travel to find the congestion, noise, pollution and aggravation that these shopping meccas provide! Having to travel a whole twenty to thirty minutes to enter a world of retail consumption is part of the charm of Chatham County. When I (and probably all of us) do travel to these shopping centers, I go buy what I need and can't wait to get away from the parking lots. I don't seek out the towns near these shopping centers to browse, dine or boost their economy. It's the huge shopping centers that get our dollars. That's the way it will be in Pittsboro also if this shopping center monster becomes a reality. The shops currently in Pittsboro won't benefit one bit, just the opposite, I imagine. Pittsboro will die! In an article in the News & Observer regarding Pittsboro Place, a couple of our local merchants such as Blue Sky expressed their support for the proposed shopping center. That's amazing to me, almost like supplying the nails for your own coffin. That being the case, I, for one, will no longer shop in the local stores that support something that I am so against, something that I feel will destroy this lovely little town we all say we love. If they want to supply the nails to their shops' coffins, I'll do them a favor and help speed their decline and save them from a slow death once the million plus square foot center comes to town. I will continue to shop locally at the many wonderful local shops and businesses that are interested in Pittsboro's future and want to protect the integrity of this small, charming town, not a town that is know only for it's mega mall! As indicated by the attendance at the Commissioners meeting regarding Pittsboro Place, I'm not the only resident against this destruction of Pittsboro. Our new county Commissioners who vow to protect this county, take heed! This is an extreme example of why your constituents voted for you, please don't let us down. This project won't help the county's 'tax base', it will drain the county's resources as the county tries to keep up with the needs (such as new roads, traffic control, more police and fire fighters coverage, not to mention the water situation) a center of this size would demand. I know there are many others out there that feel as I do and will do whatever necessary to protect our way of life in the town and county we choose to call home. Janis -------------------- 12 -------------------- Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 09:50:20 -0400 From: Dan Cahoon <> Subject: Cheery shopping centers There are many reasons why a shopping center or large paved area may be a bad idea for the area in question. Any development creates change in the landscape and what we see around us. Trees get downed, meadows and wetland plowed under. That would happen with any kind of development. A shopping center would require the kinds of parking areas that concentrate runoff with other byproducts of current automobile use. Retail establishments require large amounts of water use and little of it is released in a pure state back into the environment. These types of effects upon our local environment and overburdened waste water treatment facilities are unacceptable to me and to many others. I also like clean, well maintained buildings in which to purchase needs and luxuries, however, I do not care for over lighted, over air conditioned, over priced, understaffed discount and full priced retail establishments. They do not serve my needs and in the long run lead to urban and rural blight. They stop being cheery and wonderful after a few years and start looking seedy and useless. I have shopped in these sorts of stores before and found many excellent customer service representatives along with affordable products. I am not wealthy and so pinch a few pennies occasionally. At my age though, I find quality to be worth higher prices. Junk is junk no matter what price. I have also had many unpleasant experiences in those types of retail establishments both as an employee and as a customer. Outside interests rarely invest in local communities in a sustainable manner. Workers do earn standard minimum wages but the profits from these businesses leave out community and hurt local merchants. Industry does not have to look like a factory or something like RTP. I actually find the park like atmosphere of some factories to resemble a campus. The industry the area in question is zoned for is not just plants and big trucks. I could also be quiet research based industries that use green building and innovative facilities to save water and energy. These places can be managed in a way that helps people live the way they want and need, that is with less stress and more understanding. We already have wonderful businesses in PBO that are like this. We don't see them as an eyesore because they don't stand out like a sore thumb, or a Walmart, Marshalls, Dollar Tree, or giant hulking movie theater. The people who work there make sustainable wages and so stay in the area instead of moving away to get a "real" job. Industry is a broad term that should be considered in context. The issue surrounding Pittsboro place is one of zoning. Many people are alarmed at how fast the zoning changes are being enacted. If we the area is rezoned then there might not necessarily be a charming business and residential center built there. Some other developer might use the rezoning to outbid Pittsboro Place and come up with a different and not so charming "place". This type of situation is about profit. The developers and land owners are hoping to cash in on investment. We understand. We like money. We need money, for living and the support of community. We want those local people who have invested to cash in, hang around and spend locally. I hope we see some good sustainable development of the industrial area off of 64 east, soon! We are a great town for families and intelligent kind people to make home. They won't come here and settle and help us grow into the community we want to be if there is a failed shopping center and urban chaos like we see in Siler City, Ramseur, Cary and now Apex. We also have large scale energy industry already in that area that needs room to grow. If you haven't seen the organic farm and greenhouses at Piedmont Biofuels then you should go take a look. It is amazing and will change your outlook on Pittsboro Place. The bio farm and other facilities are the kind of industry we need, want and have. This may be too late for Monday's meeting to hear about the rezoning issue but if you read this in time come out and support your community. Just come and watch the process. At the very least you will be participating in the process and validating our system of government. My two boys came last week and learned so much about good leadership and willing participants in government and community. Come to this meeting or another and watch, listen and learn. Dan Cahoon 72 Ruby Red Moncure, NC 27559 919.545.0628 -------------------- 13 -------------------- Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 11:45:39 -0400 From: Mary Beth Cahoon <> Subject: Re: Pittsboro Place a Good Idea Ace, I think we can have it all. Even if the industrial area on 64 is not rezoned for retail, the strip of property that faces the highway is ALREADY zoned for retail right now, so we wouldn't have to be looking at industrial buildings. We could be looking at a cheery, locally owned book and toy store, a cozy cafe with outdoor seating, a Plato's Closet and a gaming/comic book store (both to give the teens and young adults something to do), etc. Welcoming industry, such as our Biolex, provides employment for Chatham residents who presently commute to RTP. ( careers.html) Just yesterday I learned of this frightening possibility with the Pittsboro Place project. If the industrial zoning IS rezoned for retail, there is the very real possibility that the Pittsboro Place partners could abandon the plan we were shown and sell the property to ANY retail investor, perhaps one with a less delightful plan. Mary Beth, "MB", Cahoon
> > From:

> > "...I for one am not either for or against it but I know I do not  
> > and I repeat
> > do not want more industry. Who wants to look at industrial  
> > buildings that don't
> >  benefit everyone as a whole.  I don't.  I rather see a cheery  
> > shopping
> > center..."

--------------------  14  --------------------
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 14:05:21 EDT
Subject: Manure

Hi everybody,
Just wanted to let you all know that we have a lot of horse manure to give  
away for FREE.  We are located 5 miles south of Pittsboro right on 15-501  
South.  Please call and make an appointment if you want me to load it with  my
tractor... or if you want to scoop it by hand, just come on over!
I have been told that it is fabulous manure.
Alison Feher
Cedar Hill Farms
(919) 545-2229

--------------------  15  --------------------
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 16:09:10 -0400
From: Scotty <>
Subject: Pittsboro Place..... NOT

    I am Scotty Young. I have lived in Chatham County since Oct 06 when
my partner Diane Swan and i moved to Bynum to live. I have lived in
various places in Orange County since 1979. This i my home i love this
part of the world.
    I was at the zoning meeting on Monday last concerning the rezoning
of land off of  64 and Industrial Park Drive.
 I learned much listening to Developers and Citizens presenting their
thoughts, feelings, ideas and plans about the idea of having the
proposed Pittsboro Place (PP) become a reality in outskirts Pittsboro.  
I learned that Pittsboro has a town use plan that is apparently a plan
in process, and not yet complete. I really like that, having a land use
plan sounds like an incredibly smart idea to me, what also sounds smart
is for the town of Pittsboro to finish the land use plan before even
thinking of considering any rezoning, ESPECIALLY  for a project on the
scale of PP.
    I feel that PP as the developers presented it on Monday last is MUCH
TO BIG and out of scale for  the town/village of Pittsboro. Bringing a
minimal amount (if any) of locally owned and operated businesss, and a
plenty of large Corporately owned companies that breed greed, excess
consumerism, and attract HUGE  throngs of people in cars. I am NOT
against growth, I am interested in seeing the growth that we are
experiencing and likely to keep experiencing conciously managed so as to
reflect the practical, and asthetic hopes, dreams,  and passions of the
residents of this area. I know that we have caring careful people in
Pittsboro/Chatham County who have the wisdom and energy to act in these
and all matters as a community with values that each of us aspire to. We
do not need to let others, Especially Huge Corporations (follow the $'s)
bribe or lure us into creating community in Pittsboro that serves THEIR
NEED for power and money. They will tell us that we need what they have
to offer.
     I feel that a movie theatre, and various shops are a good idea for
this area. There are several if not many places in the down/uptown 64
corridor that would provide a location for such ventures, some places
already have structures on them that could be potentially reused and or
renovated. If there are other bigbox corporately owned businesses that
we decide to place in this area, there is the 64 Bypass, 15-501 area
that i beleive is already zoned for this kind of development that i feel
is so much more appropriate than OVERWHELMING the
downtown/uptown/village of Pittsboro.
    This is the ONE AND ONLY PITTSBORO NC that we have. Lets not RUSH
into a plan that we have not carefully considered and approved as the
Caring Community we are.
    Sincerely, Scotty Young

--------------------  16  --------------------
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 18:07:08 -0400
From: "nabooko" <>
Subject: What's this Kitten's Story?

I have had cats of all kinds since I was a child.  I have given home to more than 35 during my past 35 years in Chatham County.  I know cats pretty well, especially strays.
But two weeks ago, a kitten showed up and I just can't figure out what the situation is.

I was gardening one afternoon about 2pm and suddenly a jet black kitten, about 6 months old walked up to me and meowed "hello"- It was dirty, coat was dry, ears dirty and had lots of ticks.  It was so skinny the ribs and backbones would be felt when petting.  I fed it all it wanted- all good foods and milk.  I cleaned the ears and picked all the ticks off.  I applied "frontline" the flea and tick killer.  The cat appears to be female- but I am not positive.

I first thought that she might be in heat, but she was far to calm for that.  Then, I thought possibly she had kittens somewhere in the woods or in one of my junked up outbuildings.  But, her breasts are not extended or show any signs of having milk or being nursed.

It stayed and slept on the porch until about 7pm and disappeared.  Two oclock the next day it was back.  Same story.  Ate, slept then vanished.  Four days went by without seeing her.  Then it was back for one visit.  Now, until today, nearly a week gone by without it showing.  Today, it ate and disappeared within an hour.

My nearest neighbor has many dogs, so I do not think that it is living there.

I have never yet met a hungry stray cat that didn't stay around once it knew there was good food available.  Does anyone have a clue as to what this kitten is up to?

Nardella A. Booko

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