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Written by Gene Galin   
Tuesday, 24 July 2007
This digest contains the following messages:

  1. Re:  NEW CHURCH START!!!  
  2. Young Democrats of Chatham County to Meet  
  3. Developemt, Birds reply, it is WESTFALL  
  4. error in my mega-mall post  
  5. RE: Chatham Chatlist #2870  
  6. sidewalk construction needed  
  7. Last Call for Artists - Label artwork  
  8. Narina Wonder Camp and Thursday Night Theater  
  9. Re: Chatham Chatlist #2870  
  10. Seats available for Pittsboro van pool  
  11. Woof-A-Palooza Sponsorship Opportunities to help the animals of  
  12. bats  
  13. Historic farm, local artists, live music highlight 'Potluck in a Pasture' Aug. 1  
  14. Re: Chatham Chatlist #2870  
  15. One Year Anniversary for the Siler City Farmers' Market  
  16. Re: Mark Stinson's post  
  17. Re: Jim Nitsch's post  

--------------------  1  --------------------
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 23:12:21 EDT
Subject: Re:  NEW CHURCH START!!!

You are invited to a  Celebration!!!
There is a brand new church growing in the Triangle  area and we are having our Grand Opening on July. 29th.  We would love for  you to be out guest.
From every nation, every kindred, every people, and  every tongue, we are gathering to gather this glorious harvest that we might  present ourselves to our soon coming King.
There will be powerful praise and worship, practical  preaching and teaching, anointed ministry to specific needs and great fun, food,  and fellowship.  We really look forward to celebrating with  you.
When: July 29, 2007  ... 10:00  am
Where: The ArtsCenter--Earl Wynn  Theatre 300-G East Main Street Carrboro, N. C. 27510
Call: (919) 933-8603
_www.encouragingwordchurch.org_ (   for
info or directions

--------------------  2  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 06:40:06 -0400
From: "MBCopeland" <>
Subject: Young Democrats of Chatham County to Meet

The Young Democrats of Chatham County will meet on Sunday, July 29, 2007, at
2 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of the Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro.  The meeting is free and open to all Chatham County Democrats between the ages of 17 and 35.

At the meeting, the group will lay out plans for participation in the ’08 state and presidential election campaigns in which they intend to take an active role.  All like-minded young Democrats interested in organizing on behalf of Democratic candidates are invited to attend.

Among the activities of the YDCC during the past 18 months were voter registration drives in the county high schools and at the Community College, canvassing for Democratic candidates, participating in Get Out The Vote
campaigns, and handing out literature near polling places.   YDCC is
chartered by the North Carolina Young Democrats and is an affiliate of the Chatham County Democratic Party.

For further information, contact Alexandra Solomon, president, at

--------------------  3  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 06:46:23 -0400
From: Peter Theye <>
Subject: Developemt, Birds reply, it is WESTFALL

The development off Jack Bennett is Westfall. Here is a website to see what these guys have done.  It is a really shame and they have trashed a wonderful live zone.,%20Next%20Door/Welcome.html

Peter Theye

--------------------  4  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 07:50:33 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
From: jaye <>
Subject: error in my mega-mall post

I misunderstood the planned location for the large mall. When I heard that it is actually being considered for 64 in town I was even more shocked. Thank you to everyone who wrote me to correct my post.

--------------------  5  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 08:28:45 -0400
From: "geneawssenc" <>
Subject: ** RE: Chatham Chatlist #2870

Reply to Samantha, Post 12 list # 2870

Dear Samantha,

Regarding Chatham County water and the need for treatment, it does depend on where you live and what your water source is.  If you are on County Water, then I am sure you know that the water is pre-treated and "sanitized" with high levels of chloramines and other chemicals at times.  Many people prefer to have these disinfection chemicals removed as well as the so-called disinfection by-products called trihalomethanes.  This can be accomplished by installing a whole-house carbon filter bed, especially one using catalytic granulated activated carbon for chloramine removal.  Beyond the chemical load in the county water, there are traces of iron oxide and a small amount of hardness minerals (about 2-3 grains of hardness).  

If you are on a private well, then you may have hardness and iron issues, which are widespread throughout Chatham County, depending on where you are.
Iron and hardness can be treated with whole-house filtration and/or water softening depending on the details of the water quality.

We offer free water testing and evaluation on any type of residential water supply and can advise you on what the main issues are with your water.  We have helped numerous Chatham County residents with reliable Kinetico equipment to solve their problems.

Drop us a line if you would like us to set up a time to check your water and go over these issues.

Best Regards,

Gene Smelik

Eugene A. Smelik, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 5701
Cary, NC 27512
919.772.4488 (office)
919.772.9988 (fax)
919.815.0380 (mobile) (e-mail) (website)

--------------------  6  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 09:57:10 -0400
From: "Vickie Gregory" <>
Subject: ** sidewalk construction needed

I am in need of someone who can put in a new concrete sidewalk reasonably at my new home located between Pittsboro and Siler. Thanks for any suggestions.

Vickie Gregory

--------------------  7  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 12:34:52 -0400
From: Guy Loeffler <>
Subject: Last Call for Artists - Label artwork

We've had good response, this is the last call...
we'll make our decision this week or next.

"Last Call for Artists"
 Chatham County Artist Series

If your a Chatham County Artist check out this link:

Horizon Cellars is now printing their own customize wine bottle labels.  The link above is an example of what your artwork might look like on the label.

Send in 2 or 3 low resolution pictures to for preview along with your contact information.  

We will get back to you a couple of days.  We need them as soon as possible, bottling & labeling will be taking place in a couple of weeks.

Send your photos in...

Also, we can now print "customized labels" on our wine bottles for your business, private event, or whatever else.

Guy Loeffler
Horizon Cellars
(919) 742-1404 Winery

--------------------  8  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 12:40:06 -0400
From: terry <>
Subject: Narina Wonder Camp and Thursday Night Theater

gracelites Narnia Wonder Camp for Kids of All Ages, begins this Thursday, July 26 and Friday, July 27 at the Central Carolina Community College. Based on the Narina Chronicles movie written by C.S Lewis: The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. Both days begin with lunch at noon and Friday ends with a family dinner at 5:30 p.m. Register with Connie Root: -or- 545-9674.

Thursday Night Theater  continues this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at CCCC the with Planet Earth. More than five years in the making, award- winning actress and conservationist Sigourney Weaver narrates this amazing look at animal behaviors, startling views of locations captured by cameras for the first time and unprecedented high- definition production techniques. Admission is free as popcorn, soda and candy sales will benefit the Environment.

gracepoint offers casual coffeehouse worship weekly at 10:00 a.m. at the Central Carolina Community College multipurpose room: 764 West Street in Pittsboro. gracepoint integrates music, video and dialog to engage you in your spiritual journey.

--------------------  9  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 14:14:08 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
From: Darryl Wally <>
Subject: ** Re: Chatham Chatlist #2870

S. Candelori,
"thrill killers" is your term, not mine.
You seem to have a 'hairtrigger' on this. Wonder why?
Personally, I think Ms. Dahl's comment is more to the point regarding bear posts.

--------------------  10  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 14:43:43 -0400
From: Karen Crowell <>
Subject: Seats available for Pittsboro van pool

Feeling the gas pinch? The Pittsboro Vanpool can help you save money on gas and wear and tear on your car! We depart each weekday from downtown Pittsboro at 6:45 am and head north on 15/501 to Chapel Hill where we drop folks off at the corner of Manning and S. Columbia on UNC's campus around 7:15 am.

We leave Chapel Hill at 4:35 (from the same location) and head back to Pittsboro arriving shortly after 5:00 pm.  We can also arrange for other drop offs and pick ups along the way .

Monthly fare varies depending on the number of passengers.  The CAP (Commuters Alternative Program) on campus subsidizes fares for UNC employees who register to ride the vanpool.  One more way to save money!  So if you think you'd be interested in riding with us, please give our driver, Kathleen Dulaney a call at 843-7163.

Join us and see how much easier your commute can be when you let someone else do the driving!

Karen Crowell

--------------------  11  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 14:50:23 -0400
From: "Sirls, Karen" <>
Subject: ** Woof-A-Palooza Sponsorship Opportunities to help the animals of  C.A.R.E.

Moving our Paws for a Worthy Cause: 6th Annual Woof-A-Palooza - September 15, 2007

Pittsboro, NC - Just put one paw in front of the other and you're all set to join the fun at the Woof-A-Palooza dog walk benefiting Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc. (C.A.R.E.). Pittsboro Mayor, Randy Voller, proclaimed Saturday, September 15th as "Woof-A-Palooza Day".
This furry fun raising event will be held from 10 am to 2 pm on the campus of Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro, NC so mark your calendars now! You and your pet will have a howling good time as you enjoy the activities, contests, demonstrations, refreshments and shopping. Adoptable dogs will be awaiting their forever homes at Woof-A-Palooza as well.

Valerie Broadway, C.A.R.E.'s president, says that a number of sponsorship opportunities are still available for businesses that want to reach the lucrative community of North Carolina animal lovers.
"Woof-A-Palooza provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services while helping C.A.R.E. in its mission. Families that participate in Woof are 'lending a helping paw'
in our efforts to protect and place abused, neglected and unwanted animals in Chatham County. They support the businesses and companies that join them in supporting C.A.R.E." There are four levels of corporate sponsorship available: Platinum/Spay Day Sponsor at $1,000, Gold Sponsorship at $500, Silver Sponsorship at $250 and Bronze Sponsorship at $150. Vendor booths are also available.

Corporate Sponsorship in-fur-mation is available online at <outbind://123/>
.. Questions? E-mail If you do not have access to the Internet, call 919-542-5757. Proceeds from the walk provide critical veterinary care and supplies for the animals in C.A.R.E.'s all-volunteer foster program.

Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc. is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit humane society that has been helping the animals of Chatham County for over 30 years. All C.A.R.E. animals are fostered in volunteer foster homes. C.A.R.E. pays for food and routine medical expenses such as spay or neuter, rabies vaccinations, deworming and vaccinations. Adoption fees cover the very basic medical expenses of animals, but they do not cover additional treatments that some animals require.

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2000. The license is not an endorsement by the State.

--------------------  12  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 15:44:55 -0400
From: Dan Cahoon <>
Subject: bats

Bats are wonderful creatures. I would save one or a million if I could.
They eat all kinds of flying pests and entertain me in the evenings with their fantastic acrobatics. I would love to see them up close and personal but that only happens in caves and then they are scared to death and warming up dangerously.
  We have several species of bat in this area but I think the main one is the brown bat.
As a teen I lived in a basement apartment as far from my parents as I could get. My free loading friend and I would stand near a basement wall in the evenings and wait for swarms of bats to come out of an old elevator shaft in the building. The bats would fly all around us, eating moths and mosguitoes and never once colliding with us or hitting us. It was an amazing display of animal superiority.
Bats are cool. We should save them because they are living creatures that help keep things in balance. Without them the world would be less than it is.
That one single saved bat may not matter so much to the grand scheme of things but it is important nonetheless.
Why save anyone or anything? Because life matters. All of it.

BUT! Bats seen in daylight on the ground are sick or injured (or at least confused) and so possibly dangerous. Use respect and kindness to deal with such situations and teach your children to stay back, leave it alone, call an adult who can handle it. Euthanasia is sometimes the only kindness we can offer injured or sick wildlife.

Be Safe
Be kind
Be prepared

Dan Cahoon
72 Ruby Red
Moncure, NC 27559


--------------------  13  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 16:42:08 EDT
Subject: Historic farm, local artists, live music highlight 'Potluck in a Pasture' Aug. 1

115 Hillsboro Street
Pittsboro NC 27312
(919) 542-0394
_www.chathamarts.org_ (
NEWS for Immediate Release
Historic farm, local artists, live music highlight 'Potluck in a Pasture'
Aug. 19
Enjoy heirloom plants, homegrown food, local artists and live music at ChathamArts® "Potluck in a Pasture," Sunday Aug. 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Harland's Creek Farm. Judy Lessler's organic farm features native flowers, herbs and produce and is located at the historic Alston-Degraffenried House on Plantation Drive four miles west of Pittsboro off of U.S. 64 via Manco Dairy Road.  The public is also welcome to attend the arts council's annual meeting, which begins at 5 p.m. A farm tour and potluck supper with artists and music will begin at 6. Visitors are asked to bring a dish for eight made with at least one local ingredient, and a copy of the recipe for our Potluck Cookbook.  Adults and children over 12 are asked to donate $10 ($8 for ChathamArts members); $5 for children under 12 ($4 for members); free for children under 5. Proceeds benefit ChathamArts, the non-profit county arts council that supports diverse arts and cultural programs in the schools and the community throughout the year.
_www.chathamarts.org_ ( , For potluck details call 919.219.9840.
Featured artists will include: ceramicist Salinda Dahl, sculptor Susan Draughon, wood turner Joel Hunnicutt and potter Melody Troncale.  Vocalist Laine Lipson and pianist Avis Autry will perform lyrical standards from the 1930s and '40s.
Ceramicist Salinda Dahl's work is inspired by nature, myth, magic and dreams..
She focuses on what she calls "ultimately functional" pieces that exist "to serve the eye with beauty, the mind with exploration and the spirit with nourishment."  
Sculptor Susan Draughon draws inspiration from the art, symbols and rituals of ancient and indigenous cultures. She studied mask making in Bali and has sculpted busts of former N.C. Secretary of State Thad Eure and former Raleigh Mayors Isabella Canon and Avery Upchurch.
Wood turner Joel Hunnicutt shapes elegant vessels by combining tiny carefully cut segments of diverse wood species into rough forms that are then shaped on a lathe.  He finishes his pieces with lacquer, inks and dyes.
Melody Troncale's work features clay and bronze sculptures of goddesses as well as utilitarian pottery. She has taught artists and craftsmen from N.C. and around the world at her home and at the N.C. Pottery Center, N.C. State University and Central Carolina Community College.
The potluck series celebrates the local food and artists that are crucial to Chatham's rural economy and culture. Local food ingredients for your dish may come from your own backyard or neighboring farms, from local farmers' markets at the Chatham County Fairgrounds in Pittsboro (Thursdays), Fearrington Village (Tuesdays), downtown Siler City (Saturdays), Southern Village (Thursdays) and Carrboro (Wednesdays and Saturdays) or from Chatham Marketplace in Pittsboro and Weaver Street in Southern Village and Carrboro.
ChathamArts® also exhibits and sells the work of local artists at its gallery at 115 Hillsboro Street in historic downtown Pittsboro. Open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm and First Sunday's from 12 noon to 5 pm when Pittsboro shops, eateries and galleries are open with arts and crafts for sale on the sidewalks. 919.542-0394.

--------------------  14  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 20:05:54 -0400
From: Martha Geiger <>
Subject: ** Re: Chatham Chatlist #2870

Yeah, REB, -- I get the Chatlist, too.  This one only adds fuel to my "moving OUT!" fire!  - - - Very sad, indeed, but I cannot stop it in any way, shape, or form, as Homo stupidus will continue to be stupidus until he ceases to be "stupidus² (not likely!), or ceases to exist altogether (very likely!).  Sorry, but I've had it up to the earlobes, and perhaps even beyond.  - - - I can only hope that wherever I end up moving to I will be left ALONE until  I cease to be (maybe not much longer, with any luck at all)---as I had hoped would be the case here.  I keep thinking of that old
adage: "Smile because you had it; don't cry because it's gone."  (Or something like that.)  But, the reality is that it IS GONE, and that's -- unfortunately -- the way it IS!  So, the out-of-state money-grubbers win again!  What else is new, and what will they have left when they, too, go down the tubes?  - - - - I only wish I weren¹t so damned OLD!  - - - On the
other hand, actually, I¹m GLAD I¹m ³so damned old!²   I¹ve seen and
experienced far too much already!

Love, AVSALAPADOBB (A Very Sad And Lost And Pissed And Depressed)

P.S. ²Where HAVE all the flowers gone?  Long time passin¹.  Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?---Where have all the flowers gone?² -- (Under the bulldozers everyone!)  - - - ³When will they ever learn?  When will they ever learn?²  - - - THEY WON¹T!

---- And, where has Joan Baez gone, for that matter?

--------------------  15  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 20:48:48 -0400
From: <>
Subject: One Year Anniversary for the Siler City Farmers' Market

The Siler City Farmers Market is celebrating it's one year anniversary on Saturday, July 28th.
Come by for free lemonade and put your name in with some of the vendors for a drawing for free goods. We recently moved to a new location, we are now at the corner of 2nd and Birch right next to the Arts Incubator. The Market is open every Saturday from 10:00AM - 1:00PM May through October. Each week we have a variety of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, jams, jellies, honey, cheesecake, muffins, herbs and flowers. All subject to the growing season as to what is available. We currently have about eighteen vendors but, would like to have more. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Siler City Market, please contact Joan Thompson at 742-5442 for your application. Come by and see what we local!

--------------------  16  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 21:28:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Mark Stinson's post


      Do you expect that someone in the fuel refining and distribution business operate without proper documentation filed with local officials? Be real! You've got to know that that's wrong.

       You describe people you don't know as greedy, stupid, idiots and butt holes. You accuse them of those that must be "paid off" to get special treatment. Would you like to retract any of these statements? We'll listen...

       Let me ask you, Mark, if this guy that is operating a bio-diesel refinery without proper permits was refining gasoline without a permit...what would your tune be?

       You are "somewhat" familiar with Chatham's bio-diesel operation. You seem to be on a first name basis with Lyle, you mention him by name. Does Lyle operate with proper permits? Would Lyle be willing to defend this operation that doesn't feel like they have to comply like he does. Well, if so, then maybe you can take him with you when you go to High Point to give those greedy, stupid idiot butt holes a piece of your mind.

--------------------  17  --------------------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 22:34:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Jim Nitsch's post


   Like it or not, I deem you the new "fear mongering poster boy", informing us all that the "Empire" is on the march again and it's gonna strike.

    What do you have against economic boost? You certainly can't make it happen. What about job creation? You don't want the citizens to have places to dine out? Is there something wrong with families going out to a bowling alley to have fun?....young lovers to take in a movie? We are not entitled to such pleasures in your world? Thanks.

   What is wrong, for one thing are your figures. Six super Wal-Marts on 1.3 million sq. ft.? Nope! Not unless you stack'em one on top of each other. How about making South Point look like small potatoes. Now that you have your base following at your back and the rest scared for their lives, do the math
: 1.3mil.sq.ft. sounds big, it's not even 30 acres. Cole Park Plaza is bigger than that.

    Talk about propaganda, what do you consider your babble? What back door will this giant be pushed through? Don't you trust your newly elected planning board to do the right thing? I'd have to say that they are on your side if they stand anywhere.

    Your claim that "your charmed, authentic, historical community is at stake" is fear mongering in it's purest form. You  should be embarrassed and ashamed for trying to scare people and do it with skewed truths.

    This "mall" might not be a good idea. It may not be built as proposed.
It may never come to be, who knows...? But, if it does, let me be the fist to invite you to stay home and snivel while I take my family out to dinner and bowling. ( I don't support Hollywood in public.) And quit trying to scare people.  It won't work with me around.

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