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Chatham Chatlist Guidelines PDF Print E-mail
Written by Web Master   
Monday, 11 September 2006

Welcome to the Chatham County Online Discussion Group!

This list digest is run by Gene Galin for the purpose of providing a public
forum for discussions about things in and around Chatham County, North Carolina.

You are welcome to supply information about upcoming events in
and around Chatham County. You can also bring up issues concerning the
county. We welcome information about Chatham County based businesses.
However, please no spamming.


Please feel free to "introduce" yourself to the group. You will find that
folks in our group will appreciate hearing a little bit about you - your job,
interests, and impressions about what's going on in and around the county.
We have an array of folks in this group, so you're never sure what will come up.


Our listserver program compiles all emails sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Do NOT post your notice at You MUST send your
post to the chatlist email address.

IMPORTANT! If you fail to read these guidelines or choose to ignore them your post(s)
will not make the daily digest and you will simply get a email response that will tell you to read these guidelines.

A digest is sent out to chatlist members up to seven times each week. This format and timeline
were established based upon feedback from members of the Chatham Online
e-mail list. You should receive your first digest e-mail within 24 to 72 hours.

As a Chatham Online Discussion Group member you can submit emails to this
group. When we receive your email the program will send you an automatic
acknolwedgement that we received your email and it will be posted in a timely

If you're responding to a previous digest please do NOT re-quote the
ENTIRE Chatlist. Re-quote only the portion(s) you are referencing. This helps
keep the digests at reasonable lengths. Please make sure to provide a
subject line that does a good job defining what you'll be writing about.

Although the Chatlist is a moderated list, over 95% of member posts do make it
through to the daily digest.


All writers agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, libelous, hateful,
threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any
applicable laws. Libel includes any false “factual” assertion, as opposed
to your opinion, that would damage the reputation or community standing of
a person or business. Avoid spreading rumors or making factual assertions
without having made an attempt to verify those facts.


Do NOT send attachments with your emails. Due to the size of most attachments
and the possibility of attachments carrying viruses, the chatlist automatically
strips any attachment off and will NOT send it out with the digest.

Do not send images, Word documents, PDF files, etc. In other words do not send attachments.

Effective MArch 24, 2008 any emails that include an attachment will be automatically rejected
by the Chatlist program.


As a general rule we do not allow the posting of entire online articles on the
Chatlist. You can post several paragraphs from an online article and you
MUST provide a credit line as well as a link to the referenced article.


An extremely popular feature of the chatlist is our weekly Classified Chatlist
which comes out on Friday mornings. You are welcome to submit a list of your
"stuff" or services for sale at anytime during the week. All submitted
classified posts are collected and posted on Friday's chatlist.
The general guideline is that you can only post the same stuff/service
twice a month.


Chatham Chatlist Sponsorships are finally here.

Current sponsorship fee is $12 per daily chatlist.

Sponsoring the Chatham Chatlist presents your message towards the
top of the chatlist to a chathamcentric audience of over 2500 members.

The Daily Sponsorship is open to businesses, big and small,
profit and non-profit, individuals, organizations, et al as long as they
are based in Chatham.

We will only have ONE main sponsor who will appear at the top of each chatlist
(just below the regular chatlist heading and above the table of contents).

I looked at loads of chatlist/newsletter offerings and found that the prices
for sponsorships ran from $10 - $95 per 1,000 subscribers with most running in the $25 to $50 range.

Personally I think this was a tad too high for our little ol' chatlist, so I settled on
starting the Chatham Chatlist Sponsorship charge at only $5 per 1,000 subscribers in 200 subscriber increments

We currently have 2200+ subscribers, so the Daily Sponsorship rate is $11 per daily chatlist.
The sponsorship fee will go up to $12.00 when the membership list hits 2,400, $13 at 2,600 and so on.

We will accept reservations for specific dates, but will not be able to make guarantees
due to the nature of the chatlist. For example you can request June 6, 7, 13, 14, 21 or
you can request the Monday chatlist for the next 10 weeks.

You can reserve sponsorship dates up to 10 days in a month.

Each advertisement is a block of (plain) text, 70 characters wide, up to 10 lines of text.

All sponsorships must be prepaid by check or by credit card via PayPal unless we

already have an established advertising relationship.


********************** Daily Chatlist Sponsorship **********************
(blank line)
                    Name of the Advertiser (centered)
                       Advertiser's URL (centered)

(blank line)
Content/description/blurb provided by the advertiser; this may be up to ten lines long,
each line being no longer than 70 characters across. 
(Blank lines count as one line)
Plain text only -- no HTML.
(blank line)
********************** Daily Chatlist Sponsorship **********************

We reserve the right to reject sponsorships for whatever reasons and
all ad copy must be suitable for a general audience.

These sponsorships will help pay for hardware and software upgrades
as well as the web hosting fees.

Questions or comments? Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


IMPORTANT: Emails to the group that have nothing to do with Chatham County,
or Central Carolina will be not posted to the chatlist. You will receive
an email informing you that your "non-chathamcentric" post has not been


Starting youe email post with the phrase "How stupid can you be?" is not
a good idea and is not acceptable. As my mom used to tell me when I was a kid -
"Play nice."


Please avoid using ALL CAPS in your emails. This signifies SHOUTING. The email
will be returned to you and you will be asked to resubmit it using upper and
lower case letters.


We respect the privacy of our members. We do not resell any names or email addresses
of chatlist members. "Harvesting" of chatlist email addresses is not permitted.
Any member caught trying to "harvest' email addresses from the chatlist will be
removed and banned from the chatlist. It's that simple.


Excerpts from the chatlist may appear at times in print in the Chatham
Journal newspaper and/or web site. All materials posted in the digests
are considered public information, unless otherwise stated.


We hope you enjoy the chatlist. Give it a few weeks to grow on you.
If it doesn't meet you needs, simply unsubscribe by sending an email to
the chatlist with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the heading. It's that simple.


If you have any specific operational questions about this group you can drop
Gene Galin an email. You can also reach him at 919-968-4341.


Here are a few more sites maintained by Gene Galin that you may find
of interest -

Chatham Chatlist at
Chatham Journal Newspaper at
Chatham Online Bulletin Board at
Chatham Online at
Chatham County Schools (unofficial) at
Chatham Online Links at
Chatham Business Directory at

List/Digest Commands
SUBSCRIBE - subscribes you to the mailing list digest.
UNSUBSCRIBE - unsubscribes you from the mailing list digest.
HELP - send you a help file on using the list.
To issue a command/request to the list server:
Send a message with the command you wish executed as the
subject of the message.

Last Updated ( Monday, 24 March 2008 )

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